Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Year's Eve

The day before New Year's Eve my old college basketball team was in town playing in a tournament.  I know a few of the girls from watching them play last year and my old coach is still coaching.  It was fun to go watch them play!  Made me miss playing a ton, but also made me grateful I don't have to do long road trips on the bus anymore where you are constantly eating out and feeling sick.

We were able to watch both games that they played (they won both).  John wasn't able to come because he had started a new rotation and he didn't get out until late.  The kids were really good and loved watching the game.  We picked up Wendy's for dinner both nights and ate in the gym, which helped keep them entertained.

the only picture I took at the gym - I love this boy so much.

My coach was so nice and took the kids and I on New Year's Eve day to Chuck-E-Cheese.  My kids had never been there before and LOVED it.  They thought all the rides and games were the coolest thing ever.  My coach bought up drinks and pizza and tokens to play games.  Brooklyn loves my old coach and hit it right off with him again.  He has sent her shirts, shoes, bags, etc. in the mail before and when we watch the team play he always has candy for her.  Spoiled!

didn't know what was coming on this little "ride"... 

....and clearly didn't like it!  Scaredy cat! 

That night (New Year's Eve) was pretty low key.  John got home late, but I had bought some sparklers that we pulled out.  I thought the kids would love them...but they were all in tears by the end :)  I thought this idea was genius that I had seen on pinterest about holding the sparkler through a plastic cup.  Well the problem was that Brooklyn had part of the sparkler that catches fire inside the cup and her hand immediately got burned when it got down to that point (I felt bad I didn't realize she was holding it like that before).  She was in tears, Jake got burned too eventually so he was in tears, and when Remmy realized that what she was holding is what caused Brooklyn and Jake to cry, she started crying too.  John and I looked at each other and started laughing and I said, "Well, Happy New Year!"  


  1. Those sparklers are a good idea, but sad they still got burned! Vinnie didn't love that ride at Chuckie Cheese either!

  2. That is fun you were able to see your old coach! Chuck E Cheese is the best - kids can run wild and not worry about them. Sparklers are a cute idea. I guess living in warm weather you can be outside on New Years.