Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He is coming sooner than later!!

I had my last doctor's appointment today.

I'm being induced this Friday (that is in two days) instead of next Monday.
The reason is because my doctor recommended that he comes out sooner than later.  I am totally fine by this - I'm worried about his size and don't want him to be huge.  I'm really hoping for an 8 pounder.  I am sad that my mom will miss his birth...she doesn't get in until Saturday night.  But she is totally understanding and that makes me feel better.  Plus it will be nice to have her help at home even longer than I originally thought. 

I can't wait to see what he looks like, see how much he weighs, see what we come up with for his name, see how the labor/delivery goes, etc.  And excited to not be pregnant anymore and feel huge/hot all the time.

Next post will be on him!! :)  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

We had a great/relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  I love having Mondays makes the weekend even that much better, especially Sunday nights, knowing that you still have one more day.

Friday - Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bruce arrived in town.  They stayed with us and we loved having them (as always).

Saturday - errands, laundry, cleaned the house, put up the cradle in our bedroom, packed both baby and I's hospital bags, dinner and games at the Bowen's with family.

Sunday - church, nap, Olsen's at Lindsey Gardens - followed by a visit to the cemetery (the Sunday before Memorial Day tradition).

Monday - lunch with the family (Rich made pulled pork with his new smoker and it was delish), saw Kelsi and Charli, relaxing and games at the Bowen's, the Bachelorette w/ Rich, Misty, and Annie.

And the latest pictures from my camera....(all of Brooklyn of course)...

loves being naked and playing with her toys 

loves climbing in and out of our new double stroller 

 LOVE these pigtails.

trying on Dad's sombrero 

I bought her a pool at Target for $10 for the summer and blew it up inside the other day (it is still too cold for outside).  In the picture above she is trying to blow it up - after she saw me do it. 

starting to love to color 

loves to climb in the exersaucer - but can't get out 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

random videos

Grandma Betty and Brooklyn - this was on my birthday when we had family over.

Lucy and Brooklyn at the park - I watched Lucy one night and took the girls to the park.  They were being so cute and playing together and we had a good time.

Brooklyn spinning around and around - she loves doing this and makes herself so dizzy.

Brooklyn talking to/hugging baby brother.  This is one of my favorites.  She will randomly come up to me and give my stomach a hug or lift up my shirt and say "hi" or her version of "brother".  I don't think she has a clue about what this "little brother" really means and how much it's going to change her world :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

pregnancy comparisions

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday and officially scheduled my induction at the hospital.....which will be Monday, June 4th.  That is just three weeks away!!  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.  Much, much faster than it did with Brooklyn (I'm sure having to chase a toddler around all the time has a lot to do with it).

My friend Lara did a pregnancy comparison right before she had her 2nd baby and I wanted to do the same and write down what I remember about both and how they've compared.
  • morning sickness/nausea - had none with both.  I know I am so lucky not to get sick while pregnant (fingers crossed it will always be like this).  I don't know how those that do get sick, do it.  Especially when you have other kids to take care of too.  I was sick once with this pregnancy (12 hour flu) and it was NOT fun.  I didn't realize how painful throwing up/dry heaving is when you're pregnant.
  • showed much either with this little guy - and hear you only show earlier with each child.  I felt like I could hide my pregnancy pretty well with Brooklyn for awhile (although it helped that she was a winter baby and I wore lots of sweatshirts/jackets).  John and I wanted to wait until Christmas to tell everyone we were expecting, but by Thanksgiving I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it much longer so we told our families then.
  • food cravings - not really much with either.  I love to eat in general, whether pregnant or not, and enjoy eating even more food when I'm pregnant :)  Although with this pregnancy I've LOVED cereal, even more than I normally do.  I could eat cereal for every meal....doesn't matter what kind.  
  • exercise - was able to run 3 miles with this pregnancy up until 34 weeks.  With Brooklyn, I stopped running around 24 weeks..mostly because I got lazy and it was much colder/darker in the mornings.  It got to be a little embarrassing running though because I few times people stopped to clap for me or said things like "good for you" or just had an "I feel sorry for you" smile on their face as we passed each other.  So now I'll just stick to walking until he's born.  
  • carpal tunnel/swelling - not much this time around ( far anyway...I've probably jinxed myself these last 3 weeks).  With Brooklyn I got carpal tunnel in my hands months 7 and 8, but the last month it went away.  I haven't had it at all with this baby...luckily!  And at this point in my pregnancy with Brooklyn my wedding ring no longer fit and my feet were pretty swollen by the end of the day.  This time ring is still on and not much swelling yet.
  • dilated - with Brooklyn, nothing at all...I was induced at a 0.  This time around...I'm at a 11/2 right now!  I know that isn't much, but to me it is a lot.  I didn't think I'd dilate at all again and was so happy to hear that I am.  When my doctor told me I called John so excited and said it took me 7 hours in the hospital on pitocin to get that far with Brooklyn.  My fingers are crossed that this labor goes quicker.
Overall, this pregnancy has been great and easier than Brooklyn.  I am very excited to not be pregnant anymore and even more excited to meet this little boy!!  (now if only John and I could agree on a name.....suggestions anyone? :))

And a pregnancy picture....which is blurry and not the best....but best I could do.
36 weeks

Saturday, May 12, 2012

weekend in Arizona

Last weekend John and I flew down to Arizona to look for a place to live.  We left Brooklyn with my brother Mike for half the time and sister Jeannette for the other half.  Thank you both SO MUCH.  It was so nice not to have her (it is the first time we've left her) because we were busy all day Saturday going from one place to the next, it was hot, ....she would have been miserable.

We stayed with my cousins Mike and Camille, who live in Gilbert, which is going to be about 40 minutes away from us in Glendale.  They were the best hosts and we had a great time.

We flew in Friday night, rented a car, and got to Mike and Camille's around 7.  We were all starving and went out to eat at a local pizza/italian place (I can't remember what it was called).  We shared calzones that were HUGE and sooo good.  Then we went to Bahama Bucks for some shaved ice (it reminded me a lot of Matsumoto's in Hawaii) and was so good too.  Mike and Camille treated us to both.

Saturday we got breakfast and then started our day looking around for places to live.  I tried to schedule us for a variety of places to look at before we went down...houses, apartments, town homes.  We were able to see about 10 places and I think we've decided on one and going to pay the deposit for it this weekend.  The one we chose is 2 blocks from campus (this had a lot to do with our decision), which will be so nice to be able to visit John during lunch or whenever he has a break.  It's a 2 bedroom apartment in a gated community, with a pool, exercise room, all that good stuff.  It is really nice and we are excited about it.

 John also drove me around Midwestern so I could see the campus.  It is weird to me to see a campus in the dessert....a lot of rocks and dirt...but there was a lot more green than I expected.

On our way back to Mike and Camille's we stopped at the Cardinal football stadium (John's request....he is excited to hopefully go to a game sometime).  It was huge and cool to see.  We also stopped at the Mesa Temple and walked around the grounds and cooled off in the visitors center for awhile.  (Sorry the next pictures are blurry...they were taken with my phone)

36 weeks pregnant

Once we got back to Mike and Camille's we hung out for a bit before we went to Joe's Farm Grill.  Once again, it was sooo good (this is a place that has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the food network).

got these pictures off of Camille's blog

this picture was taken with my phone....this was John and I's food.....sooooooo good

Thank you again Mike and Camille, my brother Mike, and Jeannette for making this trip so much easier for us!  We couldn't have done it without you.