Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The first Saturday of every month at Home Depot they have a free kids workshop.  Each month is a different wood project that the kids can put together and paint.  We don't go every month, but try to when we remember.

Brooklyn and her buddy Parker

I laid down for a nap one day and woke up to this...Brooklyn in all my nail polishes outside.  When I found her she got a big smile on her face and said, "You're the best mom ever!"  At least she was smart enough to do it outside.

We had tickets to go to the Gilbert Temple open house, but didn't end up going because Brooklyn got sick that day....high fever, no appetite, and slept most of the day.  Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours.

our daily walk after dinner to get the mail

our friend's little boys birthday party at the park

A couple pictures of dance class...(tap)

The kids and I went to Utah for 10 days in February.  My mom was having her 2nd knee replacement surgery, Kelsi was in town, and my old college basketball team played at Westminster.  It was fun to go and visit, as always, especially because we might not make it back until the end of summer.

We had fun going to Jungle Jims one morning with the Bowen's and Misty and her kids.  There were hardly any other kids there and we rode as many rides as we could until everyone started getting hungry for lunch.  We went to chick-fil-a after for lunch. 

This ride surprised me at how fast it went!  Jake was a little unsure at times about it but still wanted to go over and over again.

We flew home on a Sunday and that next week was John's spring break.  It was so nice to not have anywhere to go and decide each day what we wanted to do.  The week was relaxing and went by so quick!

We got culture passes from the library and went to the zoo for free.  The weather was perfect jacket weather and the kids had fun running around seeing the animals.

They have a petting area with goats and both kids were half afraid of them/half loved them.  They thought it was fun brushing them, but would quickly run away if the goat moved at all.

These two were going at it the whole time and fun to watch...I think fighting over a female.

A few randoms...
This is how I found the kids room one day after getting out of the shower.  They played in there forever..but we had a nice mess to pick up after!

Brooklyn is the ring leader in everything they do.  She is covering Jake in every piece of clothing they have in their closet.

Naughty girl got in my nail polish again..

play school at our house...the kids playing in the teepee - Jake never lets himself be left out.

We went swimming that week too - the weather is perfect right now!  This pool is close to us..we have friends that live in this apartment complex and let us come whenever we want.

We went shopping at the outlets one day and hit up the Van Huessen sales for John.  After we headed over to the train park and ate our picnic lunch and played for awhile.