Sunday, August 29, 2010

A year ago today....

John and I met for the first time. 

I cannot believe all that has happened in our lives since then. 

We dated...

were engaged...


and now expecting a baby in 4 1/2 months
1st pregnancy shots @ 22 weeks

I never imagined how much my life would change in just one year.  I am so grateful to be married to John.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I could not ask for a better husband.   

Here's to another year!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The week of Disney plays

We were very fortunate last week to see TWO disney plays.
1st play:
Broadway's Award-Winning best musical = THE LION KING

It was awesome!  John and I both loved it and thought it was VERY well done.  My favorite part was the opening scene when they did "The Circle of Life" and all the animals were on stage.  The costumes were amazing...I was in shock at how real some of them looked, especially the giraffes and elephant.  Jeannette gave me tickets back in April for my birthday and we were able to go with her and Jon and some of their friends.  We first went to PF Changs for dinner, which they treated us to as well, and then walked over to the theater.  It was a fun night and we felt VERY spoiled.  Thank you Jon and Jeannette!!

2nd play:
TARZAN at Tuacahn

Friday afternoon we headed to St. George to see "Tarzan" with my family.  We arrived around 6 o'clock and grabbed some dinner at The Pizza Factory.  Before the play started, John wanted to drive me through Snow Canyon and show me the places he used to go when he was living in St. George.  It was such a pretty drive and fun to see the places John used to go.

Tarzan was not my most favorite, but still fun to watch a play outside and be with family.  I thought it was a bit long and was didn't like the constant grunting (even though I know they were trying to act like gorillas).  John didn't think the costumes were very well done...why was Kala a purple gorilla?? 

Saturday morning we slept in and ate at Denny's for breakfast.  We stopped by the Old Navy outlet before heading back home.  It was a quick, fun trip!  Next years plays are "Grease" and "Wizard of Oz".....can't wait!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wahoooo!!!  The third book in the Hunger Games trilogy came out today!! 

My sis-in-law Heather text me this morning to ask if I wanted her to pick us up a copy from Target for $12.59.....sweet!!!  I know what we'll be doing the next few nights....

Friday, August 13, 2010

We're having a baby and it's a GIRL!!

We had our official ultrasound this morning and the tech confirmed that it's a GIRL!!  (My brother-in-law Jon did an ultrasound on me last week and was pretty sure it was a girl)  I thought FOR SURE it was a boy, as did most of my family.  John thought it was a girl because that's what he was hoping for.  As soon as we found out it was a girl I was so excited...and it has been so fun shopping for pink and bows.  It was so neat to hear her heartbeat, see her profile, fingers and toes, and watch her move around inside me.  Everything looks great - the tech said she is measuring a little small though and thinks my due date might be off.  I am almost 20 weeks and due January 6th.  I cannot believe that I am already halfway!  The time has gone by so fast. 

I found out I was pregnant the beginning of May.  This pregnancy was not "planned" and so I wasn't expecting to be pregnant.  But I started feeling different and just felt like I should take a pregnancy test.  I took one and it looked positive, but I wasn't for sure.  It was one of those tests that had either the plus or minus.  The plus wasn't very distinct though so I didn't say anything to John that morning.  I bought a more expensive test and tried again the next morning...and yup, I was pregnant!  I wanted to tell John in a fun way because I knew he would be shocked and surprised.  I put cinnamon rolls in the oven that morning and waited for John to wake up.  He came out and said, "What are you cooking in the oven?"  I told him to look and just smiled.  He was a bit confused at first until I said, "We have our own bun in the oven!" 

He still didn't believe me at first until I showed him the pregnancy test.  He just kept saying, "No way! can that be?"  :)

We are both so excited and cannot wait to have our little girl!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been terrible at updating my blog.  There are so many things I want to blog about, but either don't make enough time to do it or find something else to do instead.
So.....I am going to do one big update and try harder to be better about posting more often.  I would like to use this as a type of journal for John, since I don't write in one regularly.  Plus it is fun to look back on the things we have done.

This is it goes:

These were the last of our wedding presents - it was fun to come home from our honeymoon and open them.  (And even better to get all the thank you notes written and sent!)

Easter baskets and John sleeping in :)

My 24th Birthday
I decided I wanted a cereal bar for dinner....meaning all we ate was different kinds of favorite.

Rich and Misty's Wedding

Mother's Day

Worland Trip
lots and lots of sewing projects
lunch in Cody at our favorite Mexican restaurant
John and I with Hannah and our homemade boats (We race them down the canal and John's boat won!)

My parent's farewell
The whole gang
This is their mission picture.  They have now been in Moscow for over a month.  In some ways the time is going by so fast and in other ways if feels like they have been gone forever! 

The 4th of July

Another Worland Trip
John stayed home because of work and school and I went up with my sister and her kids to visit our cousins from Boston.

Bee's Games

This isn't the best picture but I got this big bruise on my knee from playing softball.  John and I played with other family members on a co-ed softball team this summer.  We were TERRIBLE (because we were in the wrong league) and didn't win a single game.  I had to pitch one game because my cousin was out of town and got nailed right in the knee.  It hurt, but luckily it was only my knee...and not my face!

Trip to San Clemente for Cameron and Amanda's wedding
John at surfin' donuts - THE best donut shop
We had a hard time finding a parking spot at the San Diego temple for the John backed in and out of this spot about 30x and made us fit.
Unfortunately the San Diego temple was under construction so most of it was covered, but the inside was beautiful.
Ben and John

Other things we've been up to this summer:

  • We were called as primary teachers.  We love having a calling together and being able to teach the 4/5 year olds. 
  • We moved!  We were only in our apartment for 3 months and then moved into my parents house once they left on their mission.  It has been quite the process moving all our stuff in and moving my parents stuff out.  But we are finally almost done - just a few more boxes to put away!
  • John finished the summer was a long one!  I think school is hard anyway but in the summer it seems twice as hard.  Plus John had morning classes at 6:20 and 8:00....AM!!  We are BOTH glad it's over.
More exciting news coming soon!