Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my birthday weekend

I turned 26 this past Sunday.  It was a fun day/weekend.

Here is a recap of what we did...

Thurs night - Mike took us out for dinner and I got to pick where.  I chose one of my favorite places....the spaghetti factory.  It was deelish and I ate every single thing that was brought to us and that was on my plate.  (Brooklyn was being a pill at first because she was starving and it took awhile to get our food...but once it came she loved it and cheered right up.  She shared John's mizzithra with him and got it EVERYWHERE.  She now likes to run her hands through her hair while she eats...she smelt like butter by the end and had hair full of grease).  

This video is of Brooklyn when we got home from dinner.....her hair is disgusting.

Saturday - got my hair done!  It was much, much needed and felt so good to get some blonde color in it again and get it trimmed.  John's parents came down for lunch and treated us to Crown Burger...another one of my favs.

Sunday - had family over for dinner and dessert.  It was such a nice day outside (luckily) so we were able to eat outside.  We had a french fry bar (my choice..pretty much just a potato bar, but french fries instead), salads, fruit, and chips for dinner.  I recently got a french fry cutter (thanks to our good friends Raf and Claudia for suggesting it) and we LOVE it.  You just put the potato in and it slices perfect french fries that I then bake in the oven.  For dessert I chose chocolate donuts and homemade grapenut (the cereal) ice cream.  The ice cream sounds weird, but it is my favorite kind that my brother Rich makes.  

Brooklyn and Hannah 

Cameron and Brynna 

Emma and Brooklyn 


Monday, April 23, 2012

softball injury

John started playing in a softball league this past week with some guys from work.  He told me he was going to play pitcher for that game before he left and I told him to be careful!  I always hate playing pitcher in slow pitch softball because you almost always get hurt.

Well sure enough, John came home with a big goose egg on his forehead, right above his eyes.  He said he was backing up the 2nd baseman who missed the ball coming in from the outfield and it hit him right in the face.  LUCKILY he was wearing a hat and that broke some of the impact.  I couldn't believe how bent his hat was from the hit.  I'm so glad he was wearing that hat or else it might have broken his nose or fractured his face.  (I'm also glad I wasn't at the game - I hate seeing people get hit like that).

The pictures...
right after it happened...

2 days later before church...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

15 months

This little girl is so much fun.  And just as exhausting :)  I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or she is just at that age, but at the end of every day I am asleep within minutes after getting in bed.  And I'm sure this is only the beginning of what life is going to be like from now on.  I love being a mom and love watching Brooklyn learn and discover new things.  She is BUSY.

Recent things about her...

- she is a mama's girl.  She loves her Dad, but if she's tired, hungry, or I leave the room...she wants me and follows me wherever I go.  One of my favorite times of the day with her is when she first wakes up in the morning.  John goes to get her from her crib and brings her to me and we cuddle for a bit before I have to get up.  She pats and strokes my face and offers me her binkie every time.  (oh and I should add she has awful morning breath)

- knows how to fold her arms.  This is one of my favorite things she does now - when we tell her we're going to say a prayer, she crosses her chubby little arms across her body...makes me smile every time.  The other night we were saying prayers with her before bed and during the middle of them, she got up and walked out of the room.  John and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.  I guess she was done.

- will go get her jacket and shoes if I tell her we are going somewhere.  She will bring them to me and I'll help her get them on, then she heads for the door.

- will take dirty clothes to the laundry basket or garbage to the garbage can if I ask her to.

- counts to 3 (well kind of).  John and I will say 1, then she says 2, then we all say 3.  She is so used to this now that if you ask her if she's 1, she'll say TWO.  She also will tell you what a horse, cow, monkey, dog, and snake say.

- still eats a jar of baby food usually with her meals.  She will still pretty much eat anything...she LOVES to eat.  Her favorites right now are tuna and pbandj sandwiches, bananas, cheese, turkey, cottage cheese, oranges, yogurt, and fruit loops.

- loves to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and will do the actions.  She will also move her body when she hears music.  The other night we were watching dancing with the starts and she was being so funny.  She'd dance when the contestants were and get really mad when the song was over.

she isn't very interested in singing the song in the video..but you can see the jist of it

- loves being outside and doesn't mind eating dirt or bugs.  Last week we were outside and I noticed she was eating something so I asked her if I could have it and she spit out a bug, guts and all.  Silly girl.

running to show me the rock she found 

eating the rocks...

- now has 6 teeth - 2 on bottom (she got those at 10 months), 3 molars (Jeannette text me one day at work and asked me if I knew she had these....umm nope.  I had no idea - but her being feverish and grumpy lately explains that), and one fang coming in on the side.  I think it's so funny that her front teeth haven't come in yet. John thinks she might not even have front teeth.

These pictures were taken while she was sick...poor girl.  She watched a lot of baby Einstein videos those days.  And the pictures where she is asleep on John - she was upset that I wasn't holding her and wouldn't let John hold her...but she was so exhausted that she fell asleep in between his legs.

- gives the dirtiest looks.  This used to be funny (and it actually still is the majority of the time) but now she is doing it more often than not, especially at church, and we need to break her of this habit.  She used to give a dirty look and laugh right after...but now she doesn't always do that.  I feel bad when she gives some sweet old lady at church a dirty look and then walks away.  It is so hard not to laugh though because it is the funniest thing.  She probably learned this from her mom giving one to many people a dirty look :)

- had her first 'in the back' ponytail the other day (big milestone for me!).  It looked so funny because she still doesn't have much hair on top.

- is very social.  It doesn't matter where we, the store, or just out in public, she will wave and say hi to people.  If I put her down in the store...she is gone...waving to people along the way and going about her business.  I think she'll be the kid if she ever gets lost in the grocery store that won't be crying for their mom...she'll be crying when whoever finds her takes her away from the candy isle :)

I love my girl.

Monday, April 16, 2012

stake conference

I wanted to post about stake conference yesterday because I want to remember the frustrating/exhausting in the moment, yet funny now time we had.

John convinced me to go to Stake Conference yesterday.  He is the good example in our family...I was the one trying to come up with other "just as good" things we could do (a family drive, read a conference talk, etc.), instead of going.  But nonetheless, we went.  Church is hard enough with a 1 year old who isn't old enough for nursery yet, but stake conference was just miserable. (I'm not talking about the musical numbers, talks, testimonies...I'm sure those were great - even though I didn't actually get to listen to them).

Stake Conference was from 10-12...RIGHT during Brooklyn's first nap time.  We decided to sit in the back on the end because we both knew we'd have to take her out at some point.  5 minutes into the meeting John was up with Brooklyn.  A lady came up to me when he was gone and asked if the seat was being saved.  I said sorry, but yes it was taken.  Her reply was "thanks" and moved my bag and sat down.  Umm....ok.  I looked back at John with a puzzled look and asked the lady to let me out.  We found a row upstairs instead and 5 minutes after Brooklyn's snacks were gone...she was up with John again.  He eventually came back...I kept Brooklyn occupied for 2 minutes and then I was outside with her.  I finally just let her walk around temple square for 45 minutes to wear her out.  She walked around happily waving and saying hi to everyone (one lady even asked to take her picture because she was so friendly...weird).  Eventually I took her back in and thought she would be worn out enough to sit still...nope!  2 minutes after we sat down she is running towards the stairs (John can't go get her at this point because he has a bloody nose that won't stop and is going through all our wipes).  So I chase after her....she laughs when I catch her and then cries when we sit back down.  And then she's off again.  We REALLY must have been a sight to see!  When it was FINALLY over (it even went over the time) we were all exhausted.  Brooklyn fell instantly asleep when she got in the stroller...and John and I BOTH took naps yesterday.  

When we were walking to the car John asked me how are we going to do it with two?  I said I have no idea...but I get the get the toddler :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 videos

The first video...Easter basket grass mess.  I am NOT a fan of the fake grass that you put in the bottom of Easter baskets.  I don't know why I even bought any and I definitely won't be next year.  But at least it kept Brooklyn entertained for awhile.

The second of Brooklyn and Sophia (mostly for my parents to see).  They "play" much better together now or at least Brooklyn is getting better at not taking everything away from Sophia.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I can't believe it is already Easter - this year is going by QUICK!!

Our Easter weekend -

Friday: took a picnic dinner to Ensign Peak and played at the park for only 10 minutes because it was freezing, went to the Sprint store to look at phones (we are due for an upgrade), stopped at a gelato place that we've been wanting to try (yummm!), watched a red box.

Saturday: I worked for a few hours...and left just as I was starting to feel sick, came home and threw up 12+ times throughout the day which was not fun (I've never thrown up being pregnant and didn't realize how much it hurts), John let me rest all day and took care of Brooklyn.

Sunday: woke up feeling much better, let Brooklyn find her Easter basket new dress/shoes, church, lunch, naps, dinner, an Easter egg hunt, and a peep fight at the Bowen's.

And pictures from the weekend...

at the park

Easter Sunday

Brooklyn and Annie

Jeannette and Hailey

the kids looking for their Easter baskets

Emily's was on top of the light pole...I'm not sure how her dad even got it up there

the cute Bowen kids