Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jake's superhero birthday party

I combined Jake's birthday party with his friend Garrett, who is 2 weeks older.  Kelsi designed the invite for me - cute as always.

I love having a boy and probably had the most fun with this party than any others I have done.  I looked a ton on Pinterest for ideas and had friends help me get everything done.

This was for the 'hulk smash' game.  I collected boxes for a couple months then wrapped them in black butcher paper and taped paper windows on them.  They really looked like buildings and the kids used the big hulk hands we have to smash them down.

These were Thor hammers that all the kids got.  I made them from $1 boxes I bought from Hobby Lobby, toilet paper rolls that I collected, and duck tape.  They got to throw these at Loki (aka John) and beat him with them - probably my favorite game to watch.

My friend Liz helped me paint these Captain America shields for everyone.  I went to Pizza Hut and got 7 boxes and cut out 2 shields per box.  I thought they turned out really cute.  I also made every kid a superhero mask - there was wolverine, spider man, hulk, thor, captain america, batman, and iron man.  You can see a few of them in the background. 

bought these superhero bags from Oriental Trading that I put everything in for each kid

Spider Man pinata - we did this at the very end of the party.

These pictures of the party are all backwards, starting from the end of the party, but I don't want to go through all of them to fix..

Parker, Brooklyn, Reese, Jake, and Garrett eating cupcakes

Jake and Garrett being sung to and blowing out their candle.

This was my favorite game to watch.  John played "Loki" and ran around while the kids chased and hit him with their Thor hammers.

They eventually got him down to the ground and gave him a good beating..

"Spidey Spray" - each kid got their own silly string and tried to hit the target (a spider web).  The older kids were able to do the silly string on their own, but the adults had to help the younger kids.

"Hulk smash" - the kids loved this game and a lot of them had several turns.  Hulk is Jake's favorite super hero and I think he loved this game.






The kids ate lunch when they first arrived and then got all their gear.  Jake and Garrett also opened their presents after the pinata and everyone was so generous.  I love 3 year olds - Jake's excitement about everything was the best.