Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 months

Brooklyn had her 1 year appointment the other day.
Her stats were:
Weight: 22 lbs (74%)
Height: (37%)
Head Circumference: I can't remember but she has a big head....got that from her mom

what she is doing now:
  • walking more and more.  She is now doing about half crawling/half walking.  I love when I see her coming around the corner to find me, walking like a big girl.  She still loves pushing her walker around the house and loves being chased by John.
  • says "Dada", "Mama", "nana" (banana), "Hi", and when something drops or falls says "Oooo".  She also tries to mimic a lot of what we say....but not close enough to understand.
  • still loves to eat, loves to look at books, loves to follow us around, loves to sing and do 'patty cake', loves to explore, loves to climb the stairs (she knows how to go down them now but I still don't trust her alone), loves to play with her toys, loves to watch baby Einstein, and loves to be outside and go on walks.
  • is getting naughty :)  she will know look at us to see if we're watching and then does whatever it is she knows she's not supposed to...examples - standing up in her high chair, climbing up and standing in her rocking chair, unfolding all the laundry I've just folded, etc.
  • shakes her head yes and no
  • loves to brush her teeth - she starts clapping and bouncing when I pull out her toothbrush
  • has just enough hair now that I can put a clip in it (since she no longer will wear a bow for more than 10 seconds)
  • still takes off her socks if I put them on her, but will keep her shoes on.
  • and gives the best, wet kisses with her mouth wide open :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

the birthday girl

Brooklyn's actual birthday was low key. 
(we had her party the next day and celebrated it more then)

She woke up grumpy :)  This was the dirty look she gave us when we sang her Happy Birthday.

She cheered right up after we went to the grocery store and I let her pick out a donut.  She LOVED it and was so excited about it.

She opened her present from Grandpa Marc and Grandma Betty....and loved her doll from them.

John and I gave her a new car seat (what a fun gift right? ha ha) and a toy storage shelf for her toys.  I originally got a pink one, but once we found out we were having a boy I took it back and got a white one.  I bought 2 pink drawers for it and will buy 2 blue ones too.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lady Bug party

I had a lot of fun planning Brooklyn's birthday party.
It was also a TON of work....but totally worth it.  
I kept justifying it to myself that your first child only turns once :)  

I decided to do a lady bug themed party because Brooklyn was a lady bug for Halloween and I also found some cute party ideas on pinterest.  I'll let the pictures show what I mean...

the invitation - made by my cousin Kelsi - I LOVED the invite.  It looked just the way I had hoped and pictured.

 Happy Birthday banner

lady bug pretzels - I bought red and black chocolate that I dipped them in. 

 candy bar - red and black sixlets, hot tamales, red and black licorice, swedish fish.

lady bug ritz crackers w/ cream cheese spread, tomatoes, and olives. 

 I hung 12 pictures up of Brooklyn of 1-12 months of her first year.

 Lady Bug cake = my absolute favorite!!  My friend's sister made her cake and it was JUST what I wanted.  She did such a great job and I couldn't have been happier about it.


 party favors - cute lady bug sugar cookies (I didn't get a picture of them before I put them in the bag)

we also had pizza, red tortilla chips, and salsa 

Mandy and Clover

opening presents...

and last but not least, digging in the cake!  For those of you who don't know, John and I decided to keep the sex of baby #2 a secret from everyone until Brooklyn's party.  I had my friend's sister, who made the cake, die the inside blue (I text her the day we had the ultrasound to let her know what color to do it).  So when Brooklyn dug in to it....everyone would see at the same time what it was!!  It was such a fun way to tell everyone and hard to keep it a secret for 3 days.  I was so glad that Brooklyn had no hesitation of digging right in.  (I may or may not have not fed her dinner yet so she'd be really hungry :))

I love this little lady - she is totally worth it all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby #2

As most of you already know.....Baby #2 is a....

We are so excited and still a little shocked that it is a boy.  We were both pretty sure it was a girl and even had a name picked out for her.  This little guy isn't even close to having a name yet, but we'll get there :)

It was very easy to tell right away at the ultrasound what it was.  As soon as the tech put the scope on my belly I saw him and knew it was a boy.  John kept saying really??  It really is a boy??  Not a girl??  

Everything looks great and he is measuring right on (the tech estimated him weighing about 10 oz).  I was also VERY glad about this part and not having my due date changed around like it was with Brooklyn.  He sure is a wiggly/active little man and I've been starting to feel him for about a week now.         

And here is a profile shot and one of him sucking his thumb :)  I love him so much already.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!!

Our sweet little girl turned 1 today.

I can't believe how fast this last year has gone (I know I say that every post I do about her, but it's true).  It has been one of the best years of my life (and hardest at times too) and I love being her mom.  She makes everything worth it and we are just crazy about her.

Here are 12 pictures of her, months 1-12...enjoy!

1 month

2 months

3 months

 4 months

5 months 

6 months 

 7 months

 8 months

 9 months

 10 months

 11 months

12 months

[I will do another 12 month post about her after I get her stats at the doctor next week]

and.....stay tuned for a post about the gender of baby #2!  We found out earlier this week what we are having and are announcing it to our family and friends at Brooklyn's b-day party tomorrow :)