Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just like her Grandpa Sorenson

This girl cracks me up.

After church on Sunday I was making lunch (grilled cheese sandwiches) and had Brooklyn on the counter to watch.  (Lately she has been doing this a lot - where anytime I'm making lunch, dinner, etc. she comes and pulls on my leg until I pick her up).  When I was was making the sandwiches she helped herself to the big block of cheese.  She LOVES cheese, just like her Grandpa Sorenson :)  I can see her eating a block of it like this at night in the future like he always does....LoL

Friday, February 24, 2012

update on the little man

This pregnancy is flying by (but will probably slow down now that I've said that).
I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and everything looks great, he is healthy and growing right on track.
I am being induced 4 days early (YAY!! - I am very happy about this) and the date is set.......

June 4th, 2012
That is of course unless he came on his own....which I highly doubt.
This means only 14 more weeks to go!

The main reason I am being induced is because my mom is coming home from Russia again for the birth and to help.  She gets in on June 2nd, a Saturday night, so being induced Monday morning will be perfect timing.  

Here is a pregnancy picture at 25 weeks..

please ignore the dirty mirror - I promise I cleaned it after I took this picture and realized how gross it was

Thursday, February 23, 2012

no longer a baby

Brooklyn is definitely a toddler now.

Here is proof:
  • sits facing forward in her big girl car seat now - she LOVES this.  Occasionally we still have to use the baby car seat (when John takes her to Jeannette's in the morning) and she does NOT like it.
She still looks so little in it to me though. 

  • walking on her own/running with the walker.  I take her outside everyday and let her run around on our driveway with her walker...part of it is downhill and she cruises down it so fast.  She loves being chased and also loves to chase.  If you say "I'm going to get you" she takes off with a big grin on her face (my favorite).

  • loves to look at books on her own - half the time they are upside down - but I often find her sitting in a corner with all the books around her.

  • climbs up and down the stairs like a pro - I still don't trust her to go down them alone...but also don't have a panic attack if I find her at the top by herself.
  • tries to repeat things we say....her newest word is doll....and when I tell her to say please if she wants something she says...."ppssss"
  • and lately her favorite thing to do is relax in the baby swing that she is too big for (we put this up a couple weeks ago)

Monday, February 6, 2012

my guilty TV pleasures

Lately I have been really in to "Lost" and the "Bachelor".

Poor John probably feels neglected.  I knew I shouldn't have started watching "Lost" because I've heard how addicting and good it is.  I LOVE it.  My brother Pete claims it "changed his life" and I agree....ha ha!  Luckily he has all the seasons and has let me borrow them.  I'm on season only 3 more seasons to go and John can have his wife back! :)

I have also been really in to the "Bachelor" this season.  It is on Monday nights and I always go over to Rich and Misty's house (just next door) to watch it with them and our cousin Annie.  We laugh the whole time, making fun of all the girls and the dumb drama.  We place bets on who is going to be eliminated that night and have nicknames for is a good time.  We hate to think what our dad would think of us if he knew we watched it.

Hopefully I'll get back to being a good wife once these are both over.  BUT it has been nice having something to look forward to so much especially in the 'dreaded' months of January and February, which are passing by so quickly this year.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

falls and bruises

Poor Brooklyn has had a rough couple days with lots of falls and bruises.  This learning how to walk, climbing up on furniture, etc. is hard stuff.  She is getting more and more curious every day, which in some ways I like because she plays by herself for long periods of time and likes to walk around the house and explore.  But that also means more messes to clean up, more things to re-organize, and more falls and bruises.

See the evidence below:

bruise under one eye from falling into a chair and bruise above her other eye from falling on the corner of the piano bench 

swollen and bruised

but still my happy girl!