Monday, August 19, 2013

a little of summer

We are home!  And

We haven't had internet all week, which is frustrating, and I've had to go to John's school each day to work while the kids are napping.  But we should get it this week, hopefully!  I have lots to catch up on.

We made it to Utah on the 22nd of June and had a week and a half until my parents got home.  It was nice to not have a lot going on and just deciding the day of what we'd do.

Meg invited us and Rich and Misty over for pizza one night and we enjoyed eating outside and watching the kids play.  The weather was perfect in the shade and it felt so good to sit outside and not be sweating bullets (like we would be in Arizona).  When I ask Brooklyn who her best friend is, her response every single time is Lucy. 

Lucy, Brooklyn, and Sophia playing dress-up.

cute baby Max

Nora and Jake..only a month apart and Jake is twice her size :)  

We've had lots of time with Rich, Misty, Sophia, and Max, who live right next door.  This is one of the things we miss the most about next door to them. Brooklyn loves Sophia and loved seeing her almost daily all summer long.

Much more coming soon.