Thursday, October 29, 2015

weekend trip to Idaho

After we had been in Utah a few days, the kids and I drove up to Idaho to see John for the weekend.  We ate dinner outside and the kids played with their cousins.  Brooklyn followed Sadie around all weekend and Jake and Connor loved playing together too.  Jake kept calling him "Carson" because he has a friend with that name.  By the end of the weekend we had corrected him enough that it was "Donnor"...close enough :)

little ham

We went to Freddy's for ice cream.  Remmy was cracking me up...the above picture was her "I want ice cream Dad".. 


That night after we put our kids to bed, Lisa was nice enough to stay home with the little ones and John and I went with Joe and his oldest boys Taylor and Hunter to the Haunted World.  I haven't been to a haunted house with John forever - it was so much fun!  I hate how expensive they are ($50 for the both of us) but I loved it. 

Saturday morning we went to a fun pumpkin patch with Joe and Lisa, their kids, and also our brother-in-law Curtis and Brynna.  They had all kinds of fun things for the kids and we stayed until early afternoon.  Remmy loves these bounce houses - she is crazy and fearless.

Swings - funny/sad story - the worker helping kids get on and off was a little slow but the nicest lady.  One little kid accidentally fell out when she was helping him and his mom gasped really loud in the crown and came running in.  She picked her son up and rudely says to the worker, "Don't worry, he's just bleeding."  (which he wasn't)  The worker got really red and embarrassed.  I felt bad for her and tried to tell her that mom was too sensitive.   

Brooklyn and Connor

Daddy's girl - she loves John.  She would never put her head on my shoulder like this.

waiting in line for the train

corn pit - the kids played in this the longest.  Brooklyn and Jake thought Taylor and Hunter were hilarious when they started filling their shirts with corn.

We hopped on the hayride and went looking for pumpkins.  We didn't end up buying any because I didn't have room to drive them back to Arizona, but the kids had fun looking.

cute cousins - Taylor, Hunter, Sadie, Connor, Remmy, Brynna, Brooklyn, and Jake

Brooklyn really wanted to ride the bull.  I told her that she'd have to hold on really tight and she might fall off but that it was ok.  She insisted that she'd hold on tight and kept asking to do it.  I was impressed - brave girl!

she is half smiling/half a little afraid - but held on the whole time

riding bikes and scooters in the driveway 

Sadie painted Brooklyn's nails

Jake and Connor found some barbies and wanted to give them a bath.  So I gave them some soap, a bucket of water, and sent them outside.  I don't think John and Joe were too impressed :)  

Saturday night Lisa found a babysitter for all the kids.  They treated us to dinner and a treat after and it was so much fun.  It was so nice to not be interrupted by kids and enjoy adult conversation.  Joe and Lisa are so generous and we are so grateful for them.  I was sad to leave Sunday morning, but knew we were half way done with John being gone, which helped!

Monday, October 26, 2015

October randoms

building with their Wendy happy meal toys (the happy meals are $2 after 4 pm here...we have done that more than I should admit since John's been gone)

"Look Mom, I'm an astronaut."

My little helpers making Halloween cupcakes.  Jake is weird and does not like licking the spoons/bowl when I'm done.  Brooklyn is happy he doesn't, more for her.

another picture after art class
Margo, Lexi, Nixon, Jake, and Brooklyn

Remmy had her 15 month appt late.  She was actually a little over 16 months, but I had forgotten to make an appointment.  She was hamming it up for the doctor.  These pictures crack me up.  They definitely show her funny personality.

She is 26 lbs (sounds like my child) and starting to talk more and more.  I love the first stages of talking and trying to repeat what we say.  She is so proud of herself when she gets it right. 

 always wiped out after preschool

Our van door wouldn't open the day before we left for Utah.  I took it in to the Honda dealership to get it fixed.  They worked on it all day and still couldn't get the door off to find the problem, plus they found a different problem with the powering steering.  Long story short - a LOT of money needed to fix our van.  I was really down and didn't know what we were going to do.  Brooklyn could tell I was sad and so I told her that we needed a lot of money to fix our van.  Immediately she and Jake ran and got their piggy banks and started counting their money.  It was the sweetest thing and I was fighting back the tears.  They excitedly said "Mom, but WE have enough!"

it is finally starting to cool off  - lots of trips to the park

Remmy loves being outside.  She has learned to go down the slides all by herself.  She is definitely my most fearless child.  I love watching her go over and over again.

The kids and I drove to Utah on a Friday.  John surprised us and drove down from Idaho that same day and spent the weekend with us.  We took the kids and some of the Bowen's to nickel-mania Saturday afternoon.  Jake was in heaven with John and the games at the arcade.

Brooklyn and Hailey

Sunday dinner at my mom's with all the cousins.  The youngest kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

My mom did an FHE for mine and Rich's kids.  Here they are eating their treat after and showing their family history chart.

a Halloween quilt I'm working on

We met Misty, Jillian, Camilla, and Kara at Gardner Village one morning to see the witches.  There are so many kids now between us.  I loved seeing them all run around and interact.  

love these three so much

Brooklyn and Sophia putting on make-up from the dollar store