Thursday, October 1, 2015

Preschool, tumbling, soccer, and art class

Once we got back from Utah, we were in full swing of preschool and all the kids activities.  It has kept us so busy and passes the time quickly, which I'm grateful for with John being gone for so long.

1st day of preschool - I could stare at pictures of his cute face all day long.
Jake goes two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) from 12-2.  He has the same teacher as Brooklyn.  I thought the time would be a little tricky, but it actually has worked out nicely because Remmy is asleep during that time and Brooklyn plays by herself at home while I work.  Jake goes with his friends Burkli and Margo.

1st day of preschool (2nd year)
Brooklyn goes three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 8:30-11.  She goes with Reese, one of her best friends.  I always drive in the morning and Reese's mom Mandy picks them up.

Their preschool teacher is Miss Katelyn.  She teaches out of her home - one of the bedrooms is the "classroom".  The kids and I both love her.  They both got to pick out new backpacks and water bottles.

He was SO excited to go.  I was so happy for him to go too - he has been waiting for so long for his turn to go to school.

Brooklyn started soccer with the CCV - Christ's Church of the Valley.  It is an all girls team and they do an amazing job of being organized. I have been really impressed with them.  Brooklyn's coach is in the red, but the other two girls are high school aged that volunteer and are super cute with the girls.  It is 9 weeks long - 8 games and 9 practices, plus they get a practice shirt, game shirt and shorts, and socks.  Brooklyn is standing right in front of the coach, little teachers/coaches pet.

warming up - Brooklyn is on the far left

Remmy's new favorite spot is this little door that she fits perfectly in at my desk.  She thinks she is so funny sitting there and pulling everything out.

Brooklyn and Jake are in a tumbling class once a week.  I was glad I found this because one they discount it for Midwestern students ($20 a month) and two it is a 3-5 year old class so they both can do it.  Jake didn't want to do it at first because I called it gymnastics and he said he wasn't a girl. But then I told him it was tumbling and boys can do that too and he since has been happy to go.  Their instructor (in the blue) is a big black guy that is really cute with all the kids.  Remmy and I sit behind glass and watch and I can often hear Jake cackling at the teacher.


My friend Kayla had us over for dinner and a movie one night and we stayed late.  I had to take a picture of Remmy passed out on the floor - I was shocked she did this.

Brooklyn passed out on the couch

Jake is usually exhausted after preschool and usually falls asleep on the way home.

Poor Remmy threw up at Brooklyn's soccer practice one night.  I think it was a combination of she had a lot to drink and it being so hot.  She got it on me and all over her so I took her home early and a friend brought Jake and Brooklyn home.

first soccer game - with a weird smile.  I don't like it.

Warming up - the kids are in a little arena that has a net surrounding the whole field so the ball can never go out of bounds.  It is really nice that they have this and makes the game more exciting to watch because they are playing the whole time.

She is on the far left, #10.
They got killed the first game (luckily they don't keep score) but they are so little that none of them know the difference.  Brooklyn did great and I love watching her.  She is super aggressive and loves to play (I think watching her favorite cousin Hannah play soccer really helped).  She usually plays the whole game because the coaches ask the girls if anyone needs a break and Brooklyn never says she does.  I told her (which was maybe a mistake) that every goal she scored I would give her a dollar.  Well every time she scores she loudly announces, "ANOTHER DOLLAR!"  A little embarrassing and I'm trying to tell her not to do that.

They get a card with a quote and scripture every week and always end practices and games with a prayer.

Hot and sweaty after the game - it was BLAZING the first game - I don't know how they ran around and played the whole game.  I was dripping just watching on the sidelines. 

I couldn't wait any longer to pull out matching Halloween pajamas.  One of my favorite things is holiday matching pj's.  These ones are really cute because they glow in the dark.  When I check on them at night I can always see their little bodies glowing.

play-doh during quiet time

Brooklyn and Jake are also taking an art class, which is once a week.  A lady in my ward teaches out of her home.  It's just 5 weeks for an hour.  I think it's great for them to get to go do art and make a mess and someone elses house. 

One night a couple weeks ago it was down to 93 at 6:30 at night so we took full advantage!  Brooklyn has been drying to ride her bike.  Jake got a strider bike for his bday and sadly has ridden it twice - too hot!  I really need to work with him on it because right now he is terrible.


  1. Laughed out loud at gymnastics vs. tumbling. V is starting 'tumbling' here soon too. V is not so hot on his Strider either! Too damn hot for practice! Soccer looks fun! So funny about 'another dollar!'

  2. Great, great pics! You are such a great mom!

  3. Love this update. Sounds like you guys are staying super busy which is good while John is gone! The kids are so cute. Laughing at Remmy's little spot she sits in. Oh and I love the matching pj's as always :)