Monday, December 14, 2015

randoms from the rest of our Utah/Idaho trip

Remmy is a girl that loves her Grandma's, both of them!  It took awhile for her to warm up to everyone else, but her Grandma's she would run to right away when she saw them.  I thought it was so sweet.

My mom was so cute with her - I think Remmy about drove her out of her own home - but also just loved on her a ton.  They have the cutest relationship.

Remmy never lets me cuddle or rock her, but she would let my mom.  My mom was singing to her here and did this for about 10 minutes.

We met my good friend Kandas and her boys at the Curiosity museum at Thanksgiving Point one afternoon.  Kandas and her husband are also 4th years, but moved to Utah for their last year.  Brooklyn and Jake hit it right off with Parker and it was fun to catch up with Kandas while the kids played.  After we went to Zupas for dinner, delish.

Hendrix, Brooklyn, Jake, Remmy, and Parker

Mike, Mandy, and the girls met us at Temple Square to look at the lights.  There was a Jazz game that night so it wasn't crowded at all, only freezing!  We don't own coats (the kids) so pajamas and jackets was what they wore and we bundled them up in blankets.  I love seeing the lights/nativity.  So glad we could do this while we were in Utah (Mesa Temple lights aren't quite the same).

John got to come home with us!!!  It has been so nice having him home and being back to our normal life.  We missed him a ton.  He had to drive his car home, so I still had all the kids in the van.  Thankfully they are all (usually) so good and used to long car drives.  I looked back once and saw why Jake was being so quiet for so long.  All the stickers from his sticker book on the window - whatever works!

Monday, December 7, 2015


We had a great Thanksgiving in Idaho with the Mortensen side!  Joe and Lisa hosted, which is who John lived with for 3 months while he did his rotation there.  There were so nice to open their home to all of us.

The kids and I drove up Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Marc and Betty (John's parents), Curtis and Heather and their kids, Joe and Lisa of course, Sonya and Solomon, and us were all there.

My kids were in heaven with all their cousins around.  I love watching them play, play, play and where themselves out every day.

It snowed a little the first night we were there and Brooklyn said "This is the most snow ever!"  She also asked me what a coat is when I told her I didn't know if she could go play in it because she didn't have one.  Definite Arizona girl!  She was so excited to play in it and even built a little snowman with the older kids.

Remmy wasn't quite sure what to think of it.  She wanted to be outside and cautiously stepped on and off the snow.

 My kids don't own coats - so jackets, borrowed scarves, hats and gloves, had to do!

Brooklyn, Connor, and Jake

Remmy LOVES her Grandma's.  It was really cute to see her get so excited to see them both, running with open arms to them for a hug.

She was a little cautious of Grandpa Marc at first, but eventually warmed right up.

Thanksgiving morning John and I took the kids for a walk.  It was a bit cold, but we found a playgroup close and they played for awhile. The kids were all over John all weekend - he and I both were loving it.  So glad he is done with this rotation and back to us!

cute pic, even though John is mid yawn

Thanksgiving table all set 

everyone getting the last minute things cooked and ready - we had so much GOOD food.

Lisa had these cute place-mats for the kids to color.  It kept Jake and Connor entertained for awhile.

Jake was WIPED out after we ate.  He never falls asleep on me anymore, so I held him the whole time.

That night we drove to Caldwell - the next town over - to see lights.  There were a bunch and the kids had fun looking at them.  We were also all freezing!  Once we got home we ate pie and played games.

Uncle Curtis is the nicest and always so sweet to the kids.  He played "horsey" with Brooklyn and Jake for a long time.  They were loving it.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

November randoms

I found these adorable Thanksgiving pajamas at Children's Place for $7 each and couldn't pass them up! 

The first Monday of November for FHE we made our 'Thankful Tree' again this year.  Brooklyn helped me cut out all the hands and the older two kids especially had fun coming up with things they are thankful for.  I knew it wouldn't last long with Remmy, which it didn't!  The next morning I came out from taking a shower and the bottom half was torn off.  Stinker!  One day things won't get destroyed so fast!

Brooklyn finished soccer and got her first trophy.  She was SO excited to finally have a trophy of her own, just like her cousin Hannah!  I signed her up for basketball starting in February and I cannot wait.  

Remmy's "cheese" smile

Jake, Remmy, and I did a little shopping one day while Brooklyn was at preschool.  If they are good I always let them pick a 'ride' when we're done. 

We have been going on lots of walks and bike rides - LOVING this weather.  And I think we deserve it!  Jake was WORN out this asleep.

It is hard for this kid to stay awake past 4pm.  

24 weeks (I'm now 27)

Brooklyn and Jake's friend Annabelle turned 3 and had a party at the park.  Lots of cute kids eating their pizza.

Reese, Brooklyn, and Lexi

 cute birthday girl

Play group one week was at the train park in Scottsdale.  We hadn't been there in awhile and it's a fun one.  The kids love the carousel, riding the train, and big park they have.

Brooklyn pretending to be scared

Remmy with Alison and Tayvri

I took a cookie decorating class from a lady in my ward and had so much fun!  She gave me her recipe for both cookie and frosting and I have had lots of fun since practicing!  Sugar cookies are definitely an act of love - time consuming!

Cute picture of Grandpa Marc with the kids - this was when we stayed the night on our way up to Salt Lake.

Brooklyn's first soccer picture - cracks me up!   It is halfway cute and halfway awkward smile.

Brooklyn and her BFF Hannah.  She LOVES Hannah.

Sam was such a good sport about letting my kids hold him - I'm a little worried how much 'help' I'm going to have with a new baby in our house.

Remmy's first week in nursery was a success!  (and has been since).  I love peeking in on her and seeing her try and do the actions when they are singing or seeing her sit on a chair.  She still seems like such a baby to me.  Can't believe she is 18 months!

Jake and Sam

She is as cute as she is naughty!  The last month, wow!  She is busy, busy, busy!  I don't remember Brooklyn and Jake being into EVERYTHING like she is, but maybe I've forgotten. She is full of personality -  I don't know where she came from - but keeps me laughing as much as she makes me want to pull my hair out :)

I thought this was so sweet - John was holding Owen in the hall during Priesthood and he fell fast asleep.