Monday, December 7, 2015


We had a great Thanksgiving in Idaho with the Mortensen side!  Joe and Lisa hosted, which is who John lived with for 3 months while he did his rotation there.  There were so nice to open their home to all of us.

The kids and I drove up Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Marc and Betty (John's parents), Curtis and Heather and their kids, Joe and Lisa of course, Sonya and Solomon, and us were all there.

My kids were in heaven with all their cousins around.  I love watching them play, play, play and where themselves out every day.

It snowed a little the first night we were there and Brooklyn said "This is the most snow ever!"  She also asked me what a coat is when I told her I didn't know if she could go play in it because she didn't have one.  Definite Arizona girl!  She was so excited to play in it and even built a little snowman with the older kids.

Remmy wasn't quite sure what to think of it.  She wanted to be outside and cautiously stepped on and off the snow.

 My kids don't own coats - so jackets, borrowed scarves, hats and gloves, had to do!

Brooklyn, Connor, and Jake

Remmy LOVES her Grandma's.  It was really cute to see her get so excited to see them both, running with open arms to them for a hug.

She was a little cautious of Grandpa Marc at first, but eventually warmed right up.

Thanksgiving morning John and I took the kids for a walk.  It was a bit cold, but we found a playgroup close and they played for awhile. The kids were all over John all weekend - he and I both were loving it.  So glad he is done with this rotation and back to us!

cute pic, even though John is mid yawn

Thanksgiving table all set 

everyone getting the last minute things cooked and ready - we had so much GOOD food.

Lisa had these cute place-mats for the kids to color.  It kept Jake and Connor entertained for awhile.

Jake was WIPED out after we ate.  He never falls asleep on me anymore, so I held him the whole time.

That night we drove to Caldwell - the next town over - to see lights.  There were a bunch and the kids had fun looking at them.  We were also all freezing!  Once we got home we ate pie and played games.

Uncle Curtis is the nicest and always so sweet to the kids.  He played "horsey" with Brooklyn and Jake for a long time.  They were loving it.

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  1. What a fun Thanksgiving and SO glad you were able to be with John. Brooklyn cracks me up! A coat??!!!