Tuesday, March 17, 2015


The kids and I went to Disneyland/California Adventure last week and had the best time.  I've been missing it so much since we've been home.  It really is magical, especially with kids.

My friends Allie and Janet starting planning the trip back in January and asked if I wanted to go too.  They also asked our friend Alison.  I had to convince John and it took some time.  He never said no, but I don't think he was thrilled about it either (financially).  He came around though and was very supportive, especially after it worked out that we stayed with my sister-in-law Shari.

There were 4 adults and 6 kids. Brooklyn and Jake were the oldest.  The ages of kids were 4, 2 1/2, 2, 2, 9 months (Remmy), and 3 months.  We were quite the site and got a LOT of comments.  But we had so much fun!

We left Tuesday morning and drove the 5 1/2 hours (it really is so close to us).  Alison and I rode together in my van and Allie and Janet rode together in Allie's car.  We stopped once and got to Shari's house around 3:00.  Shari lives 10 minutes from the beach and 20 minutes from Disneyland.  Perfect!  She gave me her pass (for free parking) and we all piled in my van, picked up Taco Bell for dinner, and headed to the beach.  It was cold and windy, but the kids did good overall. 

happy kids

Alison and Tayvri

Annabelle and Janet

Remmy was hilarious at the beach.  She loved the sand and sat in it the whole time.  She ate a ton of it, but didn't seem to care one bit.

Wednesday morning we left Shari's around 8 and walked through the gates right at 9 when it opened.  Allie is a pro at Disneyland (has a season pass) and knew exactly what rides to go on first (before they got too busy), when the shows were, where to sit for the parade, where the bathrooms were, food that we needed to try, etc.  We couldn't have done near as much as we did without her!  She was constantly running around getting us fast passes too. 

The Mad Hatter was the first character we saw and I had to stop because that's what Jake was for Halloween.  He was really hesitant about him, but got so good with the characters by the end of our trip.

Allie and her little boy Madden with Brooklyn on the Nemo ride.

Brooklyn saw Alice from Alice in Wonderland when we were in Fantasy Land and had to see her that's who she was for Halloween).  It was so cute to see her with all the characters.  She'd give them the biggest hug and just stare at them in awe.

Jake and Alison on the teacups

Brooklyn, Alison, Annabelle, and Janet on the Alice in Wonderland ride

Madden and Brooklyn on the teacups

Brooklyn and Annabelle waiting in line for the Buzz ride

Remmy, Jake, and I on the Buzz ride

Brooklyn was so excited to meet the princesses.  They have a building that always has 3 princesses inside you can meet, but you never know which ones they are.  We got lucky (I thought) and saw Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White).  Brooklyn was in awe of them.  I LOVE her age at Disneyland - so perfect.  She believed everything and really like I said, magical.

Right after we walked outside from meeting the princesses we saw Rapunzel and had to wait in line to see her too.  All the characters were so good - sweet and cute with all the kids.

The kids did great throughout the day and took turns napping in the strollers.  When we were in Toon Town all the kids were asleep except Jake, so I took him around for a bit while everyone else rested.  We saw Goofy.  He loved that.

We also went on a roller coaster that was literally 10 seconds long, but he still loved it.

While most of the kids were still napping, we stood in line to meet Woody.

Madden and Jake - two of the cutest boys I know.

waiting for the parade to start

the older kids meeting Mickey

We had to get pictures in front of the castle before it got dark.  
Madden, Annabelle, Brooklyn, and Jake

the whole group!

riding it's a small world

We stayed until closing both nights. We brought pj's to change the kids in before the drive to Shari's and they all fell asleep, so exhausted.

Wednesday we left around 8 again and walked in California Adventure right as it opened.
the older kids waiting in line for the Toy Story ride with their 3D glasses on

We waited in line to meet Jessie and Woody.  We were lucky because we were the last ones to see Jessie.  She left after we took pictures with her.  The kids were so in to them.

Brooklyn was the perfect child both days.  I was shocked at how good she was.  I had so much fun watching her soak it all in.  She is barely under 40 inches, but was still able to go on some adult rides.  She went on space mountain twice in Disneyland, loved it.  I took her on Tower of Terror in California Adventure.  I didn't prep her much, but held on to her leg during the ride.  I was laughing so hard because she was screaming, not out of fear, but out of excitement.  When we got off I asked if she wasn't to go again and she said no, not again!

Madden, Allie, and Brooklyn waiting for the Pixar parade 

Fast forward in the day, Alison said she wanted to go on Tower of Terror and asked if anyone wanted to go.  Brooklyn's response was fine, (sigh) I'll go again.  She told me later that it was her favorite ride.  I LOVE that she loves rides/roller coasters as much as I do.  I think she is pretty brave!

another magical moment - Brooklyn meeting Elsa and Anna

It was the best time!  I will never forget this trip and feel so lucky that I got to go on a spontaneous girls/kids trip to Disneyland. 

And this wouldn't have been possible without Shari - the best hostess!  These are her 4 boys and my kids.