Sunday, March 15, 2015

gymnastics, train park, and Marvel experience

Remmy's 9 month checkup:
weight: 22 lbs (95%)
height: 28.5 in (81%)
head size: (92%)
She is big and healthy!  And she didn't have to get shots at this appointment.

Brooklyn is in a gymnastics class. She LOVES it and asks me daily if it's Thursday and we get to go to gymnastics.  She is really strong and coordinated and I love watching her.  I let her pick out a gymnastics "jumpsuit" as she calls it at Target for her class.

The kids play a lot on our swing set in the backyard.  I put Remmy in the baby swing and leave Brooklyn in charge of pushing her while I make dinner.

My friend Mandy and I went to the outlets and train park in Anthem.  We shopped at Carters, picked up lunch, and played at the park.  The train was running that day so we let the kids go.

Jake, Brooklyn, and Reese

Mandy, Jensen, myself, and Remmy

Brooklyn and her friend Jackson playing dress-up 

Jake after his sports class

When I took the kids to Disney on Ice I saw an advertise for the Marvel experience.  I knew Jake would love it and really wanted to go and do something with just him.  I asked my friend Kandas if she wanted to join me with her little boy Parker and she said yes. 

The boys loved it!  It was really well done and Jake sat in awe the whole time.  Kandas bought them matching shirts to wear.

Jake's favorite part was when Hulk came out (of course).  Hulk was twice as big as everyone else and Jake's eyes were really big and he kept saying wow!  It was so cute and I had so much fun with him.

That night we rode bikes with Kandas and Riley and their boys to Coldstone and got ice cream.  

 random and rare moment that Brooklyn took a nap with me on the couch.


  1. I love your posts! What a great thing to take Jake to. I can only imagine how fun it was to sit next to him and watch him take it all in. You're such an awesome mom!

  2. Why is Remmy so cute? That looks like a ton of fun, I need to take Vin to a Disney one, he'd love it.

  3. Gymnastics is SO expensive in Iowa because of the Olympic Gymnasts from here. I wish I could put Charli in it. B looks so cute in her suit. You guys are always up to fun stuff!