Monday, February 28, 2011

newborn pics

Our brother-in-law Curtis was nice enough to take some newborn pictures for us.  We were hoping Brooklyn would be asleep and easy to maneuver, but our little girl decided to stay awake the whole time.  Curtis did a great job and was still able to get some really cute shots of her.


Friday, February 25, 2011

1 month

 Brooklyn hit the 1 month mark on the 19th.

It has been the fastest and best month of my life.  It's hard to remember what our lives were like without her.  I wish babies stayed little for longer - I just love the newborn stage.

A few things about Brooklyn:

She loves bath time.  I give her a bath every night and she is always so calm and relaxed. 

She sits/lays in her boppy every night like this while John and I eat dinner. 

She loves her Dad.

She will take a bottle.  I will pump and have John give her a bottle every few days.  I wanted her to get used to taking a bottle so it won't be a problem when I go back to work.

She lets me dress her anyway I like :)  I love putting her in baby legs.  They are so easy to make and they look so cute on her.    

She is easy to put to bed.  She will lay in her cradle for half an hour looking around before she falls asleep.  One of my favorite things that she does is stick her hand out the side of the cradle.  She sleeps like this every night.  I love seeing her little hand stick out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

our v-day

Our Valentine's Day was low key - just the way I like it.

John surprised me with flowers and a really good chocolate Belgian waffle.  I know that sounds weird - to get a waffle - but we discovered this place not too long ago that stuffs waffles with Belgian chocolate...and it is to die for. 

I let John pick our dinner menu.  He wanted to try a new recipe that we had seen on the food network.  It was a pasta dish with prosciutto and tomatoes....and it was delicious.

Brooklyn joined us for our candlelit dinner good!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

oops...I didn't realize the reason she was crying until we got home :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 weeks old

Brooklyn is 2 weeks old today.

I cannot believe how fast the past 2 weeks have gone.  And yet at the same time it feels like she has been apart of our family forever....she fits right in.

I took her to her 2 week appointment today.
Her stats are:

weight - 8 lbs 14 oz (50% percentile)
height - 20 1/2 inches (50% percentile)
head circumference - 36 centimeters (50% percentile)

The pediatrician made the comment that she is not a small baby and she is not a big baby.  She is right in the middle.

And a few pictures...

 bundled up in the car seat

all tired out from the doctor's appointment