Friday, February 27, 2015

the rest of January

Since February is almost over I thought I better quickly post the rest of the pictures I took in January.

I love matching/coordinating my kids outfits every so often.  I always have to take a picture when I do.  I love Jake's arm around Remmy.  He loves her.

I bought a Groupon for $13 for our whole family to the hot air balloon festival.  We met several friends there and had a great time!  The kids played on the bounce houses (John had to climb up the steep slide at one point to force B and J down), we shared ice cream cones, danced to music, and watched the hot air balloon "show".  I thought they would actually launch them, but they never did.  They lit them and got them off the ground about 10 ft, but that's it.  It was still fun though and we had great company.  As we were walking out we stopped and watched the firework show, which was pretty impressive.  A great family night for $13!

I painted frames and finally put our new family pictures up.  I added the chevron board, M, and vinyl saying (I had to talk John in to that because he is NOT a fan of vinyl on walls).  I like how it turned out.

Jake and Brytton playing - we watched him while his mom had a Dr appointment.

Our friends Nate and Kayla have the coolest backyard and had us over for dinner to roast hot dogs and for dessert smores.  The kids had a great time and they looked so cute cooking their stuff.

My friends sent me this picture of Jake.  Once a week we do a "play school" with 5 others kids.  There is one other little boy, but this week Jake was the ladies man.

triplets in the tub

Brooklyn finally got her wish and got to go to the dentist!  She loves it.  Well I think she loves the pick a prize part at the end. But she happily does what they ask and gets excited to go.  I hope it lasts.

This was Jake's first time and he did GREAT.  I was proud of him and he looked so grown up. 

I love him :)

I surprised John with Jim Gaffigan tickets for Christmas.  We went with our friends Jon and Mandy and randomly sat RIGHT next to our other friends Amanda and Jordan.  The comedian was hilarious and I laughed so hard (even cried a few times).  It was such a fun night!  We went to dinner first at Smash Burger, went to the show, and then stopped for frozen yogurt after.  I look really pale in the pictures.