Monday, July 1, 2013

Santa Cruz, CA [part two]

Went to Aldo's for breakfast - a place by the harbor and lighthouse.  It was delicious and the kids had fun walking out to the lighthouse.  After lunch and naps we went down to the beach again.  The kids all loved it and played and played.  Annie and Rich were the masterminds of a sand castle that the little kids liked helping unfortunately got destroyed by the tide....but it was fun to watch them build it.  

Jake's "cheese" face... :)

I love the sandy beach bum.

Jake was always heading out for the water.

Sophia wasn't too sure of the water at first.... Annie saved her. But eventually she loved it and kept wanting to get in.

group shot at dinner

For dinner we went to....I can't remember the name, but another yummy place.  I got the tri-tip sandwich and it was so good.  It's so nice going to a place that others know really well and know ALL the good food places to eat.  We ate and ate and ate...and it was all so good and so worth it.  After we stopped at an ice-cream place...again, so good, and then headed back to the beach house.  We put our kids to bed and then Annie, Emily, John, and I went to the boardwalk and rode rides was fun to go without kids!

Wednesday morning, some people went paddle boarding, some to the aquarium, and some stayed home (me) to watch little kids (and I also worked).  Those that went paddle boarding said it was really fun...I'll have to try it next time.  That night for dinner we roasted weenies and s'mores with the Cowden's friends, Jake and Shannon, on the was a perfect night.


The kids were so dirty.  They got a good bath every night to get all that sand out of cracks and crevices.  

We left a little before everyone else because our kids were so tired and getting grumpy.  I think they were exhausted every night from playing hard each day.

The Bowen's left early in the morning.  The rest of us went shopping downtown Santa Cruz.  They have some really cute shops and it was fun walking around looking at everything.  We stopped for lunch at a burrito place which was yummy, then headed to the house for naps.  After the kids woke up we went to the beach again (I forgot my camera this time) and spent most of the afternoon their.  The weather was perfect all week and it was so fun relax and watch the kids play.

Richard O. would swing Brooklyn like this and she loved it.  And asked him to do it over and over and over again.

Annie and I picked up sandwiches for dinner (and got a little lost too :)) and we hung out at the beach house the rest of the night...talking and playing hide n' seek.

Rich and Misty and us left around 9.  We were sad to leave....the week flew by and we had so much fun.  A HUGE thanks to Aunt Becky....nicest lady I know!  We loved spending time with the Cowden's and can't wait to go back again.

One other story from the trip - every morning it was so nice to either go for a run or walk with the kids.  One morning I was running with my headphones on and tripped and fell...hard.  It was most embarrassing that I didn't trip on anything, just my clumsy feet, and that a car was coming my way, just 10 feet in front of me, and saw me eat it.  I heard myself go "UGHHHHH" when I landed and go up as fast as I could and sprinted away.  My pride was hurt more than anything :)  I didn't check my bloody wounds until I knew the car was out of sight.