Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it's already Halloween and October is almost over.  This time of year always goes by too fast!

Just a few things we've been up to...

Halloween scary stories - a Sorenson tradition

For the second year in a row we have each written a scary story and read them to each other.  Last year we sat outside and read them, but this year it was too cold so we turned all the lights off inside and read them with a flashlight.

Lots and lots of these....

and watching these games....

And just a few random pics...

Oh, we also went to our first 'Murder Mystery Dinner Party' last night hosted by our favorite friends.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again!  John's character was 'Otto Von Schnappes' - a rich German.  John acted out the part perfectly and was cracking us all up with his accent.

Go here to read more about it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hall of Fame Induction/Weekend Activities

We had a busy weekend!  To start it off, my cousin Meg had her baby girl on the 7th.  They named her Lucy and she is the sweetest little thing.  It was fun visiting them in the hospital and made me so excited to have our little girl.

Next, West High held an assembly for hall of fame inductees which I was invited to attend.  John was of course there, along with my sister Jeannette and her youngest girls.  I went to center court while they annouced a few things and gave me a plaque.   
(This lady was also inducted and is 104 years old!!)

They also honored us at halftime of the homecoming football game on Friday night. 
 They had skydivers bring the American Flag to the field before the game started.

 Marc and Betty
 Misty and Rich

 I went on the field at halftime along with the other inductees while they read a short bio about each person. 

Saturday was spent running errands, laundry, cleaning, etc...and making my witches hat for the Witches Party.  Jeannette has a tradition around Halloween to host a Witches party.  Everyone comes to the party with a witches hat decorated anyway they want.  This year I wanted to try something new and came up with this....

We ate dinner, which included soup in cauldrons (bread bowls) and then everyone voted on the witches hats. 

Jeannette also made a witches quilt this year to give away.  The lucky winner was....

I was SOOOOOOO glad she won.

Thanks so much Jeannette for a fun party!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Projects/Halloween Decorations and Conference Weekend

This post is for my mom, to show her the things John and I have done with the house so far.  And to show her that the Halloween decorations are up!  I absolutely love this time of year - for many reasons - but one of them being cute decorations.  We've had fun rearranging and making a few changes.  Here they are Mom: 

Living Room

I made this a couple weeks ago and put it up on the wall in our living room.  John does NOT like vinyl lettering (which I knew) but thought this was too cute to pass up.  When I asked him if he liked it...he smiled and said, "No, not at all."  I asked him if I could keep it up and he said, "Yes, I'll just try not to look at it." :)    

Dining Room


Front of house
 *notice the front tree Mom

While I listened to/watched conference last weekend I made...

 Banana Bread!!.....delicious
(Mom, this is your recipe)


Pumpkin cupcakes

And John did this: 


Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Projects

Ever since I found out we are having a girl I have been anxious to make her some cute things - leg warmers, bows and headbands, a quilt, etc. 

I found a GREAT deal @ Target to make baby leg warmers.  I use women's knee high socks and they were only $1 each!!  I went a little over board with how many I bought, but they could always make great gifts too.  

smaller ones

bigger ones

Last week John had a 'boys night' and I had a 'girls night' with our friends Raf and Claudia and Ryan and Mandy.  The boys went to dinner and played xbox and the girls went to dinner and made flowers to go on baby headbands.  They turned out so cute! 

 newborn bows

I finally found the fabric I was looking for to make her a quilt.

I love polka dots and love the colors pink, brown, and green together.  These are the other fabrics I picked out to go in the quilt. 

I'm afraid this little girl might be spoiled  :)