Monday, January 18, 2010

Car Show

John and I went to a car show at the Southtown Expo Center recently.  After we went to the Festival of Trees in December I promised John we would do something more "manly" soon.  So he picked the car show since he LOVES cars.  It was actually really neat.  They had tons of different types of cars, old ones that had been fixed up and new ones of 2010.  I think John was in heaven :)  Maybe one day we can afford the car of his dreams - a porsche 911 turbo, only $150,000 (ok, maybe not).  Below are pictures of some of our favorites.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Watching the Bowen kids

I watched my sisters kids January 7th-11th, while her and Jon (my brother-in-law) went on a cruise to the bahamas.  Here is a little recap of what we did:   
  • Thursday - The kids were already in bed that night when I got them.
  • Friday - Woke up and got the oldest three ready for school, dropped Hannah and Kate off at my moms so I could go on a run, met with Kelsi to figure out invitations, picked up Jack and the girls from school, ate pizza at my moms for dinner, went to a bridal store with my mom and tried on wedding dresses while my dad watched the kids, took the kids home, bedtime routine, passed out myself! 
  • Saturday - Jack and Emily's basketball games at 9, Lindsey's at 11, lunch and nap time (worked on my talk), met John at the nickelcade where we spent the whole afternoon (best $20 ever spent!), McDonald's for dinner, bedtime routine, passed out once again :)

  • Sunday - I had myself and all five kids fed, dressed, and to 9:00 church ON TIME (I was very impressed with myself), spoke in sacrament meeting, lunch/nap/afternoon at my parents, Stan and Pat's for dinner, back home for bedtime routine.
  • Monday -  Woke up and got the three oldest ready for school, debated with Jack about not going to school - he won :) , got the little girls ready, was relieved by my mom so I could go to work, picked Jon and Jeannette up from the airport and took them home, and then was FREE!!  :)  I'm only kidding.  The kids were GREAT and it was fun to be their mom for the weekend.  They even called me "fake mom" and John "fake dad" most of the time.  I'm so glad Jeannette and Jon were able to get away for a weekend - although they should have gone for longer!!  It was a very WELL deserved vacation!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I forgot to take pictures on New Year's Eve, but John and I spent the first part of the night with my family. Everyone picked up their favorite fast food (tradition) and met at my sister's house. We ate and played a few games before John and I headed to his parent's house. We played Ticket To Ride with his parents and sister Sonya and ate some delicious cheese/sausage dip. New Year's Day we went sledding with his sister Heather and her cute kids. It was a great holiday/weekend and fun to spend time with family and relax.