Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss B

Brooklyn is busier than ever these days and keeping me on the go constantly.
It's a good thing that Jake is such a good, easy going baby.

Example: her most recent thing to get in to = tampons that she found under the bathroom sink.  She was in heaven playing with these.  I knew she was up to no good when it had been quiet for more than a couple minutes.  And this is how I found her when I checked on her....so happy and so excited for being so sneaky.  I let her unwrap as many as she wanted because it kept her entertained for a long time and I got a lot done.

Some days it is hard to think of things to do to keep her entertained, but for the most part we've kept busy and found some fun things to do.  One night last week we took a picnic dinner to Liberty Park as a family and fed the ducks and then played on the playground.  

love this picture - Brooklyn sure loves her Daddy 

They have a splash pad at Liberty Park (I didn't know about this before) and Brooklyn loved playing, or pretending to play, with the bigger kids.  She acted so grown up and would laugh when they'd laugh or mimic whatever it was they were doing.

At one point she kind of got stuck running through the water and had the funniest facial expression trying to find her way out.  John was in the bathroom and I had Jake and couldn't help her much, but she got out and started laughing and clapping - it was so funny.  Since then I have taken her back to play in it and she had so much fun.  It makes me excited to take her swimming a lot in Arizona.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day

I think John would say he had a nice Father's Day.  Earlier in the week, when my mom was still in town, I surprised him with a date night and my mom watched the kids.  John chose to eat at The Pie and then we went for a drive afterwards.  It was nice being just the 2 of us - we took our time and enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday I told John there would be no Father's Day breakfast :)  It was busy enough getting myself and two kids ready and fed before 9:30 church - and we were even early.  But, he did get a Father's Day lunch...I let him pick whatever he wanted - he chose a quesadilla (I love that he is a simple man).  Then Brooklyn helped me make him a candy gram.  This was actually pretty hard to do with her and took a lot longer than I thought.  I would tape the candy on and she would take it right off.  This happened over and over again until finally I just finished it myself while she ate some of the candy.  

before church 

I'm really not this creative - I completely stole this idea from pinterest. 

I'm so grateful for the type of Dad that John is.  I joke with John (although it's actually true) that he has always been the worried parent and I'm the care free one.  He is always extra concerned about their happiness, health, or whatever it may be.  It makes me love him that much more knowing how much he loves his kids.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2 weeks

Jake had his 2 week appointment today (he is actually 2 1/2 weeks).
His stats were:
9 pounds 14 ounces = 76th percentile
(what??  he's gained over a whole pound in 2 weeks....that's my boy!)
21 1/2 inches = 73rd percentile
head size = 40th percentile

The first 2 weeks have flown by.  It makes me so sad that he is already changing so much and almost out of newborn clothes.  I wish they stayed little little much, much longer!

Some things about Jake's first 2 weeks:
- still hates having his diaper changed
- loves bath time, except getting out...hates that
- is a great eater (hence him gaining over a pound already...the doctor complimented me too and said "well done.  you're practically feeding him cream")
- is a good sleeper...naps a lot during the day.  goes to bed around 10:30...wakes up between 1:30-2...sleeps until 5:30-6...sleeps until 9ish.
- doesn't mind tummy time and has a strong little neck and likes to look around
- puts up with his sister's pokes and jabs throughout the day

watching baby Einstein with Brooklyn

Brooklyn will occasionally show a little bit of interest in him :)

Grandma Sorenson's visit

My mom has now been back in Russia for almost a week, and we are surviving without her :)  BUT, it was SO NICE having her here.  I can't thank her enough for coming out again to help me with a new baby (and a very busy toddler this time too).  She was the biggest help - did laundry, dishes, cleaned bathrooms, made meals, got up with Brooklyn in the mornings so John and I could sleep in, ran errands, treated us to lunches, went quilt shopping together, and kept me company.  I sure miss having one of my very best friends around....it was so nice just to be with her all day, every day. 

Here are a few more pictures from her stay...

They are in sweatshirts about to go outside to swing - one of Brooklyn's favorite things to do.  
(Brooklyn's jacket was John's when he was little :)) 

It is nice to have Grandma's who buy you lots treats and then clean you up after. 

And the night before my mom left....she bought popsicles, so Brooklyn and Sophia enjoyed them outside.  

she was a sticky mess when she was done!

Friday, June 8, 2012

the first week at home

The first week at home has gone much better than I was expecting (I was gearing up for a tough week).  That probably has a lot to do with my mom being here and helping so much and also that Jake is a GREAT baby.  He is the sweetest, calmest little guy.  It has made everything so much easier and sometimes I still feel like I have 1 child (but then my body quickly reminds me that I have 2....the joys of recovery after you have a baby :))  

Jake is a great nurser, great sleeper, and doesn't cry unless he is hungry or getting his diaper changed.  He is the best little cuddler and has been so patient with all of us.  I love having a boy and told John it might be hard for me to ever discipline him :)  His response was, "yeah, well now you know how I feel with Brooklyn."  I shouldn't get my hopes up and jinx myself, but the last 2 nights Jake has only gotten up once during the night - I am a LUCKY mom!  He is also a sprayer :)  9 out of 10 diapers I change he either sprays all over himself or me.  One funny story - I was changing his diaper in the bathroom and my mom was doing her hair.  I tried to be  quick, but he started peeing and it went all over her brush and makeup.  We both just cracked up!  It is definitely different changing a boy....but I'm learning to be fast and learned to cover him up with a towel.

love her faces 

Grandma Betty 

Grandpa Marc 

I took Jake to the doctor earlier this week to have him circumcised (which I got to watch....it was pretty neat to see actually, but OUCH.  Thank goodness they numb them so well!)  My pediatrician was worried about his coloring, looked pretty yellow, and had us head to the hospital for a bilirubin test.  His levels came back high and we were sent home with a bed to keep him under the lights for the next 24 hours.  Even though it was sad for me to see him in that bed, he loved it.  It was hard not to be able to hold him (only when I was feeding him) too.  I was so grateful when I took him back in yesterday that his levels have come down and he is out of the bed!  

Brooklyn is adjusting and getting better and better each day.  She doesn't show much interest in Jake and just goes about her business.  She occasionally gives him a kiss on the head and then is on her way.  The hardest part for her has been less time with me.  I try to spend as much one-on-one time with her as I can...which has been a lot because Jake is so content all the time and sleeps the majority of the day.  She seems so big to me now! 

We went to visit my Moms dad's grave, who would have been 91 today.  We took a picnic lunch and Uncle Mike met us there.  It was so fun to get out and let Brooklyn run around and be together.

 I love this pretty girl.

1 week old