Tuesday, January 29, 2013

glowstick bath tub fun

I got this idea from my good friend Mandy...she is awesome and does all kinds of fun things with her little girl.  I copy her a lot :)  Check her out here

Tonight I had time to kill with the kids before they went to bed, while John was still away at school, so I got out some glow sticks I had bought at the dollar store awhile back and put them in the tub.  They LOVED it, especially Brooklyn, and played for over an hour.  I will definitely be doing this with them again soon.  So simple and such a fun idea....just thought I'd share!


(these aren't the best pictures...but best I could get...and you get the idea)

Monday, January 28, 2013

January randoms

We love going to feed the ducks.  There are a few places really close to our apartment that have ducks and Brooklyn gets so excited to feed them.  The first time we went she was throwing bread to them and all these ducks surrounded her.  She had that scared, but excited look on her face and started crying...then laughing...then crying...then laughing.  She loves it now though!

She usually eats half the bread and gives the other half to the ducks.

Mr. Happy

This is usually the sight when John or I are in the bathroom.  

 ....she is usually giving us some good advice ;-)

We walked to the school one Saturday to visit John while he was studying.   Brooklyn played in the volleyball sandpit (in January!).  She could play in the sand for hours.  

Jake and I enjoyed the weather and just watched.

When John was done he took us on a tour of the inside of the school were he spends all his days.  It was pretty neat to see the lab room where they are learning to use the equipment.

 This is a site I find often....
 Brooklyn and Jake playing in their room...
......poor Jake.  He gets headbands put on his head all day.

More duck feeding...

 Brooklyn changing her baby's diaper.


Bath time...one of my favorite parts of the day.  One reason because that means it's almost bedtime and 'me' time and the other because they both love it so much and it's fun to sit and watch them play together.

they are almost the same size 


Brooklyn loves making forts with John when he gets home from school.  I love hearing them sing songs, read books, and play together in there. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

potty training

Brooklyn is potty trained.
Hip, hip, hooray!

I knew she would get it if I tried - she speaks well, she was telling me when she'd go in her diaper, she'd ask to go on the potty at times, etc.  It was more me that had to be ready :-)

So when we got home after our Christmas vacation I tried.  My friend Mandy gave me some helpful guidelines and overall it was a success.  I started on a Monday and had Brooklyn throw away all her diapers (which I later dug out from the garbage can because Jake is in the same size :)).  I told her we only wear big girl underwear now and to tell me when she had to go.  I kept her in  a t-shirt and undies so I could see easily if she had an accident.  She had lots of accidents that first day, but by the second and third day it was clicking and she got it.  We were home bound most of that week, which was hard, but so worth it.

She has had a couple hard days after those first few days, where she'd have 3-4 accidents a day when she hadn't been having any accidents in days, but overall she has it down.  She wakes up dry from her nap and even dry in the morning.  She comes and wakes me up in the middle of the night if she has to go....usually half way undressed...and then goes back to bed.

I love only having 1 in diapers again!  And I'm so proud of my girl.    

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brooklyn - 2 years old

Let the 'terrible 2's' begin!!
 (although I think they did months ago :))
I can't believe I have a 2-year old.  It feels like Brooklyn has been in our family forever...(well she has all but 10 months of John and I's marriage) and I can't imagine our lives without her.  

I took her to the doctor this week for her 2-year check up.  These are her stats:
Weight: 28 lbs (60%)
Height: 34 in. (56%)
Head circumference: (99%) yup, still has her mom's big head!

Brooklyn is quite the gal.  She cracks us up all the time with the things she does and says.  Some things about her at this age:

She is smart - knows her colors, the ABC song, counts to 10, knows and sings lots and lots of songs.
She is a great talker - sometimes a little too good and repeats everything I say...like to the car next to us.."Come on guy, GO!"  
She is dramatic - she is definitely a girl!  I love her facial expressions when she talks and how dramatic she can be.
She still gives the best dirty looks.
She is funny.
She is my little helper.  She will do things that I ask her too, throw away garbage, get me a diaper for Jake, put things in the laundry, pick up toys, etc.
She is independent.  Everything now is "Brooklyn's turn" when she wants to do something for herself.  
She is a good big sister.  Jake still adores her and watches everything she does.  I love leaving them in a room together and listening to what goes on.  I hear her say things like "you like that Jake?" or "I help you Jake" or "no crying Jake!"  She usually takes away his toy and gives him one she doesn't want to play with (we are working on that).  
She loves to dance.  She has some good moves too!  I love looking in the rear view mirror when I'm driving and seeing her head bob to the beat.  
She is potty trained!!!!!! (more on that to come)    
She is my buddy.  I love how she randomly throughout the day comes up to me and says, "I love you Mommy"...followed by a kiss and a hug.  She is my best little friend.  I am so lucky to be her mom.  
Every year on birthdays I want to start doing a little 'interview' about their favorite things, probably starting at age 2.  Here is Brooklyn's this year:
How old are you?  "blue.......no 2!"

What's your favorite color?  "pink"

What's your favorite thing to eat?  "FOOD!  ....and pizza too."

What's your favorite treat?  "CANDY!"

What's your favorite animal?  "Rhino"

What's your favorite book?  "letter and tree one" (which is Chica Chica Boom Boom)

What's your favorite song?  "5 monkeys" (5 little monkeys)

What's your favorite movie?  "Ariel......Ursula mean."

Who's your best friend?  "Brookin" (Brooklyn)

What's your favorite thing to do?  "dance....and sing too...and crackers."  ???

What's your favorite primary song?  "Sunbeam"

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "HANNAH!"    
I also want to start writing down the funny things she says...because I want to remember these one day.  Here are just a couple:

I was in the bathroom and had shut the doorShe came up to the door and said, "PUSHHHH Mommy.  PUSHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  

We were in Target and walked by the women's section where the bras are displayed.  Brooklyn points and yells "BOOOOOOBS!!" 

I was helping her go potty and she went #2.  She looked at it and said, "Whoa, big one."

Monday, January 21, 2013

the Birthday GirL!!

Brooklyn turned 2 on the 19th.
(She seems so much older than that to me)

She had a great day.....I think!  She woke up and opened her first present from Grandpa Marc and Grandma Betty while FaceTiming with them.  

We had a little party with some of Brooklyn's friends at 11.  It was very low-key.  The kids played while the mom's chatted.  Then we opened a few presents and had cupcakes....easy!  Brooklyn picked this Ariel cupcake cake for her birthday.
I loved this and how easy it was to just pull apart the cupcakes..no cutting, no mess.
 Some pictures from her party...

She got bubbles, play doh, princess barbie dolls, a puzzle, stickers, and a princess tent at her party.  Her friends know her well!

blowing out the candles

John left to study after the party so I put the kids down for naps.  We went on a walk with Janet and Annabelle and fed the ducks along the way.  We picked up John when he was done and grabbed Chipotle for dinner...Brooklyn's request.  Ha ha...just kidding!  It was more of my request..but she loved it too.  Brooklyn opened the rest of her presents when we got home.

cards from Aunt Claudia/Uncle Bruce and Rich, Misty, and Sophia

I love how determined she is.

happy with her 2 dollar bill from Aunt Claudia!

She got King Triton and Ursula (from the Bowen's), a new book (Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson), Ariel (Mike and Camille) and play doh from John and I.  Tal and Alison (and Alison's mom who was in town) came over for cupcakes and ice cream...and we sang to her again and she blew out more candles.

burned her nose a little :)

It was a great day!  We sure love this girl!!