Monday, January 21, 2013

the Birthday GirL!!

Brooklyn turned 2 on the 19th.
(She seems so much older than that to me)

She had a great day.....I think!  She woke up and opened her first present from Grandpa Marc and Grandma Betty while FaceTiming with them.  

We had a little party with some of Brooklyn's friends at 11.  It was very low-key.  The kids played while the mom's chatted.  Then we opened a few presents and had cupcakes....easy!  Brooklyn picked this Ariel cupcake cake for her birthday.
I loved this and how easy it was to just pull apart the cutting, no mess.
 Some pictures from her party...

She got bubbles, play doh, princess barbie dolls, a puzzle, stickers, and a princess tent at her party.  Her friends know her well!

blowing out the candles

John left to study after the party so I put the kids down for naps.  We went on a walk with Janet and Annabelle and fed the ducks along the way.  We picked up John when he was done and grabbed Chipotle for dinner...Brooklyn's request.  Ha ha...just kidding!  It was more of my request..but she loved it too.  Brooklyn opened the rest of her presents when we got home.

cards from Aunt Claudia/Uncle Bruce and Rich, Misty, and Sophia

I love how determined she is.

happy with her 2 dollar bill from Aunt Claudia!

She got King Triton and Ursula (from the Bowen's), a new book (Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson), Ariel (Mike and Camille) and play doh from John and I.  Tal and Alison (and Alison's mom who was in town) came over for cupcakes and ice cream...and we sang to her again and she blew out more candles.

burned her nose a little :)

It was a great day!  We sure love this girl!!


  1. oh she is so sweet! such a big girl!!!! xoxo

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brooklyn! She is so dang cute Beck. I love her cute outfit and her hair done up cute. Wish we could have come to celebrate!

  3. She looks adorable!! What a girl! So unique. Love our monthly visits.

  4. Love and miss that girl! And Holy cow Jake is Johns' mini me!!

  5. She sure is cute!!! Happy Belated birthday to her : )

  6. I can't believe our babies are getting bigger!!! She looks so cute and looks like she knows how to host a good party! I wish we could have been there to celebrate, we love you Brooklyn!

  7. It was fun to watch her open her presents! She is such a cute girl!!! I love talking to her and hearing her talk is about the best thing ever! LOVE her little voice! (I think she seems older than 2 too!) She is so smart!

  8. Wish we were there! Happy 2 years and good job Brooklyn and mommy on potty training! I know the time is drawing near for Roy and I am avoiding it as much as possible. Lol!