Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas/Winter break - Part 2

Christmas morning we woke up at 7:00 and met in Jon and Jeannette's room before we all went downstairs together to see what Santa had brought everyone.  I don't think Brooklyn completely got Santa this year, but was really excited to be with cousins and excited about the presents she got.

I love this picture.  It captures her excitement perfectly...I love Christmas with kids!

going down the stairs, youngest to oldest....well mostly

Brooklyn got a Disney princess castle from Santa with princess figurines that go with it

Brooklyn also got this big giraffe that is bigger than her

 It was a fun and relaxing morning.  All the kids were excited about their gifts and played with them while Jeannette got breakfast ready - gingersnap cookies, cardamon bread, and scrambled eggs.


It was so nice to stay in our pajamas all day and be around family.  We took naps, played Just Dance 4, played new board games, ate food, and relaxed all day.  It was perfect.  Thank you so much Jeannette for letting us spend Christmas with you and for all your hard work!   


  1. That looks like a blast! I hope B got her treats too. I love her cute little hair and her dancing with the 'big' kids.

  2. Seriously so fun that she got to be with her cousins on Christmas morning. Love the pic of her in the bed....You're right, Christmas IS THE BEST with kids. H was the perfect age this year and made it so magical.

  3. Looks like an amazing Christmas morning. The dancing is so cute too. Christmas is truly magical with kids. Fun to be on the other end as the parent seeing the magic through their eyes.

  4. I love seeing kids in the morning and how excited they are for Santa. All the kids are so cute. Sounds like a great Christmas. Charli was the same--- didn't really get it but was excited.