Sunday, January 27, 2013

potty training

Brooklyn is potty trained.
Hip, hip, hooray!

I knew she would get it if I tried - she speaks well, she was telling me when she'd go in her diaper, she'd ask to go on the potty at times, etc.  It was more me that had to be ready :-)

So when we got home after our Christmas vacation I tried.  My friend Mandy gave me some helpful guidelines and overall it was a success.  I started on a Monday and had Brooklyn throw away all her diapers (which I later dug out from the garbage can because Jake is in the same size :)).  I told her we only wear big girl underwear now and to tell me when she had to go.  I kept her in  a t-shirt and undies so I could see easily if she had an accident.  She had lots of accidents that first day, but by the second and third day it was clicking and she got it.  We were home bound most of that week, which was hard, but so worth it.

She has had a couple hard days after those first few days, where she'd have 3-4 accidents a day when she hadn't been having any accidents in days, but overall she has it down.  She wakes up dry from her nap and even dry in the morning.  She comes and wakes me up in the middle of the night if she has to go....usually half way undressed...and then goes back to bed.

I love only having 1 in diapers again!  And I'm so proud of my girl.    


  1. Oh my gosh those pictures are so cute on the toilet. She is so smart. I hope Charli will potty train at 2 - I cannot wait!

  2. Such a genius! You'll have to give me those tips when it comes time. I love those pictures!

  3. She is SO CUTE! I cannot believe she is potty trained at 2. That is incredible.

  4. such a big girl! goo Brooklyn!

  5. Her hair is so long! I'm impressed she got it so early! Clover just barely got potty trained and some days when we're running to the potty every 30 minutes i miss her diapers! Ha.

  6. Oh my gosh she is so darn cute. Good team work you guys!!!!