Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas/Winter break - Part 3

We went to breakfast with the Cowden's (thank you Aunt Becky for treating us!), Rich and Misty, Mike, Pete, and Uncle Rich one morning.  It was fun to be together - we love being with the Cowden's....they are so good to us and love our kids so much.

Annie is the best - she babysat for us one day so John and I could see Les Miserables....LOVED it.


Meg, Lucy, and Nora came over one morning to play and visit.  Brooklyn and Lucy hit it right off together and played great.  It is nice to be getting to ages that they play better together and not just take everything away from each other...although there is still some of that too :)

We went sledding one afternoon with Rich, Misty, and Sophia.  We went to the Capitol and found the perfect hill for the girls.  They looked so cute bundled up in their snow gear. 
I love these two.  And I love that Brooklyn calls Sophia "Soy-ah".

These next pictures crack me up...we got going pretty fast...

love Brooklyn's face in this one :)

Hailey - 20 months, Sophia - 18 months, Brooklyn - 23 these close girl cousins!

We spent a couple days down in Orem with the Fry's and James and Sara and their kids.  It was fun to visit with everyone and even went shopping kidless with Heather and Sara.  Brooklyn loves her cousins and is always so entertained when we are with them.  
 Royce and Brooklyn - 8 days apart - look alike cousins :)

Isn't he so cute?!

Brahm and Jake - 3 months apart.  Brahm is James and Sara's youngest....such a cute and happy boy!


  1. These are the CUTEST pictures, love them. The kids look so happy! B's face in that one sledding one is HILARIOUS! Looks like a blast. I would love sledding if it were warm.

  2. I love all the sledding pictures. Those are awesome!!! LOL. Looks like you have tons of fun little cousins for the kids. They all look so cute together. I'm so sad we didn't see the Cowden's. They are always nice to everyone!