Sunday, July 29, 2012

play dates!

I love having play dates with friends.  It gives us something to do, gets us out of the house, let's me have adult conversation :), and keeps Brooklyn busy and entertained.  

We went to the Church's history museum with Misty (her suggestion) and Sophia and friend Lily and her daughter Lydia.  I've been there before but didn't realize they have a kids area.  It was nice to go somewhere free, air conditioned, and with chairs that we sat down on and watched the girls play.  An ornery older lady who worked there got mad at Brooklyn a couple times.  One time was because Brooklyn took a bite out of a plastic orange...but in Brooklyn's defense it did look like a real orange.  The lady wasn't too happy about that! :)    

the girls playing in the pretend garden 

 and Mr. Jake just slept in his car seat 

We have also been to the aquarium with my friend Brittany and the two kids she nannies, Katherine and Matthew.  Brooklyn acted really excited to see the fish, but when I'd hold her up to the big tanks she'd get really scared and not let go of me.  I tried to explain to her that there was glass and the fish couldn't get her...but she didn't really understand.  She stayed her distance the rest of our time there.

 keeping her distance :)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

some of our besties

John and I are sure going to miss some of our very best friends when we move....Raf and Claudia and Ryan and Mandy - they are just the best!  The 6 of us have done a lot together the past 2 years and have a lot of great memories.  The five of them were all friends before John and I met and when we dated and got married I was welcomed right in.  We each have little girls, Clover, Brooklyn, and Carmyn, and it has been so fun to watch them all grow up and become little friends too.  

Ryan and Mandy actually already moved to New Jersey, in May, and since we are also moving, we'll all be in different states.  Mandy and Clover were in town recently and we were able to get together with them a couple times.   

These pictures are from a play date we had with Clover and Mandy one afternoon.

(Jake wasn't too happy) 

And these are from another night we got together, this time with Raf and Claudia too.
Clover, Brooklyn, and Carmyn 

We tried to reenact the picture above :) 

John and Raf - they were saving a spot in the middle for Ryan. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

the Gateway fountains

I did some shopping at the Gateway the other morning and let Brooklyn run through the fountains after.  She loved it (I knew she would) and had a grand ol' time playing with her balloon that they gave her at Old Navy.  It was nice that it wasn't crowded - we were actually the only ones there for awhile.

I sat on a bench in the shade with Jake and watched her run around.  A guy from Fox13 news came up to me and asked if he could interview me and video Brooklyn.  I said sure!  He asked me what things we did to stay cool during the summer (this was one of the days it was 100+ degrees).  That night John and I watched the news and we were on for a whole 2 seconds!!  2 seconds is 2 seconds though... :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brooklyn's first haircut

It was time for a haircut for Brooklyn - the 2 inch mullet in back just had to go! :)  It was a little sad seeing her baby hair cut off in the back (I had it saved in a little bag), but it looks much better now.  I took her to cookie cutters and she did really well (for the whole 5 minutes that it took).  She sat in an airplane, watched a movie, and got a balloon and sucker when she was finished.     

last shot of the mullet 

all done!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jake's blessing

We blessed Jake on Sunday, July 8th.

It was such a great day.  John gave Jake a wonderful blesssing...from what I heard anyway :)
I was trying to keep Brooklyn quite and hold her still while he was blessing him.  Luckily John turned on his phone recorder right before he went up to bless him, so I was able to listen to it again.

After church we had family and close friends over for lunch.  I kept it simple and did taco salad, rolls, fruit, cookies, and brownies.  It was fun to visit with everyone and extra special to have John's sister Sonya and brother James and his family in town from Texas.  We are so grateful for our families and the support they give us.  Marc and Betty were a huge help the night before getting everything set up and Rich and Misty got all the food out for us after church....thank you!

Beth and Jake 

Bella and Grandma Betty 

Jake taking a nap on Uncle James 

I wanted to get a picture of these two cousins together.  They are only a week apart and look like they could be twins to me.  I wonder if Jake will look anything like Royce.

Jake was worn out after his big day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worland, Wyoming

Mike and I made a trip up to Worland the 4th of July week and had a great time (of course we did)!  I really wanted to go one more time before we move and Mike was nice enough to take a couple days off work and go with me and the kids.

Aunt Claudia and Uncle Bruce are the best hosts ever and always so great to us.  We left Tuesday evening after Mike got off work and arrived in Worland just past 1 a.m.  I was much more prepared this time for the car ride and Brooklyn did great (and Jake was a gem of course...slept the whole way).  

The next day, which was the 4th of July, Uncle Bruce set up the kiddie pool for Brooklyn.  Brooklyn found a new best friend in Uncle Bruce and was by his side wherever he went.  She called him "Bruuuu" and would cry when he'd go somewhere without her.    


"helping" vacuum

Brooklyn loves stickers and loved putting them all over her best friends face.

That night, because it was the 4th, we did sparklers in the garage.  Fireworks were completely banned in we had to be a little sneaky :)  Brooklyn wasn't quite sure what to think of them and tried to touch the flame a few times.  

 Mike and Uncle Bruce having fun with the sparklers.

 Jake was his sweet self all week.  He especially loved being held so much by myself and Aunt Claudia.  Since we've been home he's had to adjust back to more time on the floor :)

doing pull-ups in the garage

Brooklyn spent hours in the kiddie pool each day.  We bought water balloons one day and had a water fight with Uncle Mike.  But Mike and I had a truce not to get each other wet, so that meant Brooklyn got them all thrown at her.  I'm so glad she loves the water.

Uncle Mike's doing - putting water balloons down her swimming suit

Thanks so much again Aunt Claud and Uncle Bruce - you two are the best!  Thank you for the yummy dinners, Maverik runs, Taco John runs, playing cards at night, and most of all great company and conversation all week!  AND thank you for being so nice and patient with Brooklyn and her busy self.