Thursday, October 27, 2011

bath time

I think I love bath time just at much as Brooklyn does.
I love bathing her in the kitchen sink and hope she'll fit in it for awhile longer.

The other night I put her in while the water was still running and she thought the running water was hilarious.
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the weekend

We finally had a low-key, laid back weekend.
These kind are my favorite.

Here's a recap:

Friday - got off work at noon. picked up Brooklyn. took her to her 9-month appointment. this has been my favorite appointment so far because there were no shots needed! went home and took a nap together and waited for John to get home. was getting ready for family pictures when the photographer cancelled....ugh...we've been trying to take these for almost a month and it keeps getting cancelled.  oh well.    dropped Brooklyn off with Meg and John and I headed to Cornbelly's to meet up w/ friends for date night.  Here are pictures of us each riding the bull :)




Saturday - ran 8 miles w/ Mike (our last long run before the 1/2 marathon this week...yikes!).  went to the temple with John. cleaned the house. laundry. errands. naps.  filmed our scary Halloween movie w/ Mike (more on that later). picked up Cafe Rio for dinner and a red box.

Sunday - lounged around before church. church. dinner at the Fry's. James and Sara and their kids were in town which was a fun treat to see them. watched 'The Walking Dead' - our favorite zombie show :)

this girl is getting into more and more trouble these days :)

That's all!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

9 months old

Brooklyn is 9 months old!
Wow.  She is not a little baby anymore.  She is a big baby. 
(Well, she has always been a big baby :))

oops.....she leaned forward and rolled down the hill....and I was too far away to stop her

what she's doing: crawling everywhere, pulling herself up in her crib (I love this and love going in after she wakes up to get her), pulling herself up on all the furniture, playing well by herself for longer amounts of time, waving "hi" and "bye" on command, says "Da da" all day long, gets excited when she sees her mom and dad.

what she likes: her binkie, her blanket, watching baby Einstein, watching Mom - doesn't matter what she's doing, being tickled, being scared (ha ha...this is my new favorite thing about her lately....I'll go out of the room and hide and call for her.  She comes crawling over and I jump out and yell boo! and first she shakes and then starts laughing hysterically), eating other people's food, going on walks in the stroller, riding in the grocery cart at the store, watching other people, bath time.

what she doesn't like: getting dressed - she cries every time I put something over her head - absolutely hates it, water - I have to make her drink water and it usually just ends up all down her shirt, being thrown up in the air - used to love it - now hates it, when something is taken away from her.

And here of course and some more pictures of her...

standing up on the couch....notice she is wearing Christmas pajamas - I bought these before she was born, size 12 months, and that's what size she wears now.  I thought we better get some use out of them in case they don't fit at Christmas.

love my happy girl!

 and I had to post a picture of these boots :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

this is what Brooklyn does...

to stay busy when I work from home 2 days a week.

 - takes off the wrapper and eats a sucker.....
yes I'm bad and let her eat a sucker, but I was watching her the whole time. And she LOVED it.

 - goes through our mail and rips up all the magazines and coupons

 - pulls out each spoon/whisk/spatula/etc. from the yellow tin

 - got in and ate some white peanuts that were in the box her Christmas present came in.....from her Grandma Sorenson

 - goes through all the Ensigns we have

 - opens the entertainment center door and pulls out all the movies

 - pulls the rocking chair on top of herself

 - goes through my make-up drawer and attempts to eat it

She sure is getting more and more busy which I'm not so sure about yet, but she also plays great by I can't complain.  She is so much fun.