Sunday, March 31, 2013

anniversary #3/spring training game

John and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on March 20th.  It feels like we've been married a lot longer than that (in a good way) because we have 2 kids.  This was our first anniversary that I wasn't pregnant or nursing...hurray!

 I woke up in the morning surprised with these things on the table.  I actually didn't even notice them until Brooklyn said..."Ooooo Mommy...treats!" 
 John wrote me a sweet card and what each thing on the table meant...some bits from the card:
.....I still have a "crush" on you.....we have "double stuffed" our family with two great kids.....I will always be your "Mr. Goodbar"......continue to "break me off a piece" of your sweet love....and "orange" you glad you married me?!  Ha ha...I thought it was cute.

We didn't get each other anything this year (student's budget!) but treated ourselves to a nice and GOOD restaurant that night.  I swapped babysitting with a girl in the ward who has kids our same she watched them for us.  We went to Oregano's...which is an Italian place, about half hour away from us, and SO.GOOD.  We ate SO much - appetizer, salad, pizza, AND dessert.  We had a ton leftover and I didn't have to cook dinner for the next 3 nights!   It was so fun to be alone together and celebrate with good food. 

Two weekends ago (Friday night) we went to our first spring training game, Mariners vs. Dodgers.  It was only 10 minutes from our apartment and a perfect night for a baseball game.  We met our friends Tal and Alison there and sat on the grass.  Brooklyn loved being outside and entertained everyone around us - she ran circles around us and played with her soccer ball the entire time we were there.  We didn't stay the whole game, kids were getting tired and ready for bed, but had a fun time.   

Sunday, March 24, 2013

February/March randoms

Jake fell off the bed...not my best "mom moment"...and bruised/scrapped his nose. 

Brooklyn occasionally gets out of bed when she is still asleep...(sleep walking??) and comes out to find us...but she doesn't have a clue what's going on or what she's doing...
she was laying on the ground for 5 minutes without I took a picture...then tried to wake her up....she is semi-awake in the picture below.

Both kids love bubbles.  We do them at least once a day and they both try to pop as many as they can, as fast as they can (notice Brooklyn doesn't have pants on....I have a hard time keeping clothes on her these days!).

Brooklyn is really in to playing with hair right now.  I love when she wants to do this to me and always let her because I think it feels so good.  I hope she keeps this up.  

Brooklyn got into my hand creme before we left to fly home to Arizona....naughty naughty!

Brooklyn is also really in to princesses right now.  She knows all their names and a lot of their songs and will sing like them if you ask her to (again notice, no pants). 

These pictures just make me smile.  Jake is the best.  He loves watching Brooklyn and thinks anything she does is hilarious.  I don't remember what she was doing to get him to laugh in these pictures, but he thought it was so funny.  

Jake loves balls and loves crawling after them. 

and he knows how to make a basket already! ;)

We bought Brooklyn a new car seat (she won't be big enough for it for awhile....I just found a good deal on Amazon) and the kids LOVED playing with the box it came in.  They played with it for days.   

I started to fill up the tub the other night and went in the kids room to get pajamas...came back and found this....Brooklyn climbed in the tub herself and Jake followed after her, pulled himself up, and was splashing in the water.  This picture just makes me realize how quickly they each are growing up!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day was really fun for me this year...I've never been very excited about the holiday before, but now that Brooklyn is getting old enough to remember things we do I love making these days special for her.

Brooklyn woke up in the morning to Lucky Charms and green milk.  She was pretty excited that the milk was green and kept showing it to me.  

We got ready for church after breakfast in our green clothes and  I did Brooklyn's hair in a 3-leaf clover...I think it turned out pretty cute and surprisingly stayed in ALL day.

After church and while the kids napped I got our St. Patrick's Day dinner ready.  We had friends over (Patrick, Janet, Annabelle, Jake, Jen, and Nora) and I think it all came together and turned out well.  It was a lot of work....a lot more than I was expecting it to be...but definitely worth it to see Brooklyn happy and so excited.  

rainbow is missing the top two and orange...I ran out of time for those :)

 homemade Irish meat pies, green beans, green grapes, rolls

diet mountain dew (of course!)

 and for dessert we had mint chocolate chip ice cream with these rainbow rice krispies I made.

I went to bed early and slept great that night! :)  It was really fun to plan for the day and try new recipes.  I'm excited for Easter!

And this guy played happily with his toys during dinner....he is pulling himself up on furniture, toys, etc. now......where did my baby go?!!