Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Russia - World War II museum/Izmaylovo/Bolshoi theater

Tuesday my mom stayed home with Jake and John, my dad, and I went to a World War II museum.  We took the metro again, this time on a different route, and saw the longest escalator in the world.  It was long...took about 3 minutes to get to the top.

It was another cold day and I was so glad we left Jake with my mom.  The museum was was all in Russian, of course, but still cool just to look at the different dioramas, statues, exhibits, etc.  My dad is such a good sport...I think this was his 3rd or 4th time going...he waited patiently as John and I took our time looking around. 

 walking up to the museum

That night John and I tried "slamming".  It is a cookie that you bite a hole in each end of and suck milk kind of tastes like a graham cracker...the missionaries came up with the name.  It actually was pretty good. 

Wednesday morning we went to Izmaylovo, which was basically a swap meet (reminded me a lot of the one in Hawaii)...just lots of people selling their stuff.   We met my mom's friend there first, who she picked up an order of handmade nativities from.  We walked around for awhile after that looking at all the different things to buy.  John and I bought a Disney princess matryoshka doll for Brooklyn, a Christmas ornament (tradition), a shirt for John, and a few gifts for people. 


Once we were done we went to a nearby mall and ate lunch at KFC. 

happy to be out of the stroller!

That night John, my dad, and I went to a ballet at the world famous bolshoi theater.  My parents were lucky to get tickets and it was a really neat experience.  I don't love ballet's and couldn't sit through them very often, but it was such a fun atmosphere and the building was incredible.  Once again, I felt like I was in a movie or an "I Love Lucy" episode.    

During the first act, my dad was snoring to the left of me and John was slouched and dosing to the right of me :)  The Russian lady next to my dad said something along the lines of "NO SLEEP" to him when he woke up.

so pretty inside



  1. Love the post and love all the pictures. That is funny that lady said that to your Dad, haha. I bet he just laughed. Where did you get Jakey's shirt? You look pretty in all the pictures!

  2. SO cool Beck. Everything looks amazing! It's so fun to see other cultures and travel the world. You will never forget your experience. Your parents are so cute. Love Jake's Rocky shirt. Its the best!!

  3. That 'slamming' thing you do with the cookies is so funny!! I learned something like that from my cousin-in-law---they do it in England with chocolate cookies and then you use Hot Chocolate, so then the cookie melts in your mouth after...SO GOOD!!! Looks like your trip was amazing!

  4. Those are more awesome pictures! Jake is the cutest! You look cute in mom's coat and scarf!