Sunday, March 24, 2013

February/March randoms

Jake fell off the bed...not my best "mom moment"...and bruised/scrapped his nose. 

Brooklyn occasionally gets out of bed when she is still asleep...(sleep walking??) and comes out to find us...but she doesn't have a clue what's going on or what she's doing...
she was laying on the ground for 5 minutes without I took a picture...then tried to wake her up....she is semi-awake in the picture below.

Both kids love bubbles.  We do them at least once a day and they both try to pop as many as they can, as fast as they can (notice Brooklyn doesn't have pants on....I have a hard time keeping clothes on her these days!).

Brooklyn is really in to playing with hair right now.  I love when she wants to do this to me and always let her because I think it feels so good.  I hope she keeps this up.  

Brooklyn got into my hand creme before we left to fly home to Arizona....naughty naughty!

Brooklyn is also really in to princesses right now.  She knows all their names and a lot of their songs and will sing like them if you ask her to (again notice, no pants). 

These pictures just make me smile.  Jake is the best.  He loves watching Brooklyn and thinks anything she does is hilarious.  I don't remember what she was doing to get him to laugh in these pictures, but he thought it was so funny.  

Jake loves balls and loves crawling after them. 

and he knows how to make a basket already! ;)

We bought Brooklyn a new car seat (she won't be big enough for it for awhile....I just found a good deal on Amazon) and the kids LOVED playing with the box it came in.  They played with it for days.   

I started to fill up the tub the other night and went in the kids room to get pajamas...came back and found this....Brooklyn climbed in the tub herself and Jake followed after her, pulled himself up, and was splashing in the water.  This picture just makes me realize how quickly they each are growing up!


  1. They are so cute Beck. I loved reading all that they are up to. That pic of Brooklyn is hilarious of her half asleep. She looks so cuddly. Boxes are the best kind of toys I think! Jake's smile melts my heart!

  2. They are both the cutest - each with their own funny personality! I'm sure you fall into bed at the end of each day, but all of their cute energy is fun!

  3. You make being a Mom look easy! We should just buy boxes for gifts from now on!

  4. Happy, Happy Baby Land! You make it look fun--which it should be. Never seen such happy little kids. That Jake cracks me up--he is all about the smiles. LOOOVE!