Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day was really fun for me this year...I've never been very excited about the holiday before, but now that Brooklyn is getting old enough to remember things we do I love making these days special for her.

Brooklyn woke up in the morning to Lucky Charms and green milk.  She was pretty excited that the milk was green and kept showing it to me.  

We got ready for church after breakfast in our green clothes and  I did Brooklyn's hair in a 3-leaf clover...I think it turned out pretty cute and surprisingly stayed in ALL day.

After church and while the kids napped I got our St. Patrick's Day dinner ready.  We had friends over (Patrick, Janet, Annabelle, Jake, Jen, and Nora) and I think it all came together and turned out well.  It was a lot of work....a lot more than I was expecting it to be...but definitely worth it to see Brooklyn happy and so excited.  

rainbow is missing the top two and orange...I ran out of time for those :)

 homemade Irish meat pies, green beans, green grapes, rolls

diet mountain dew (of course!)

 and for dessert we had mint chocolate chip ice cream with these rainbow rice krispies I made.

I went to bed early and slept great that night! :)  It was really fun to plan for the day and try new recipes.  I'm excited for Easter!

And this guy played happily with his toys during dinner....he is pulling himself up on furniture, toys, etc. now......where did my baby go?!!


  1. That baby of yours has the cutest smile! Holy cow! You are so fun! Love, love, love your ideas!

  2. Loved seeing your dinner that you put so much work into-I am jealous of your goody goodyness. Glad B was happy and excited. Jake is going to surpass Brooklyn on height soon!

  3. I love all of your creative food Beck. Good job!!!! Everything is so cute. It is so much work doing that huh? I am getting pumped up about Easter next week. I love B's hair- that is such a fun idea. They kids look so old and cute. I can't believe how fast J is growing up- he looks so old!

  4. That picture of Jake looking at B is soooooo cute. They look like mini John and Becky together. I LOVE IT!