Saturday, March 14, 2015


These pictures are in no particular order..

This girl is a dream!  I've told John I'd have 5 more kids if they were all like her. 

We met friends at the zoo.  We love having a pass and go often.

Brooklyn wanted me to take a picture of her climbing the 'ropes course'.

Brooklyn had a cavity to be filled.  She loves the dentist and was so good about letting them do what they needed to.

..fell asleep on the way home with the gauze still in her mouth.

Home Depot kids workshop - they built and painted a Valentines box.  Jake gets in to it, especially the painting part.

little gem sat and watched

Lots of park time.  We go as much as possible while we can!  The heat is going to be here before we know it.  It got up to 90 the other day, in March.  Yuck!!

Remmy and Holland - they are 6 weeks apart and Remmy is twice her size.

I put together decorating Valentine sugar cookies at the park and invited a bunch of friends.  The kids had fun decorating and eating their cookies.

Parker, Hendrix, and Jake

My friend Allie sent me these pictures of Jake at her house for play school.  She did a Valentines craft with them and they made heart necklaces.  

I watched my friend Janet's little girl Annabelle one morning.  We went to play group at JumpStreet.  

Family bike rides is one of my favorite things!  The nights are perfect right now and the kids love riding around in the trailer and bike seat.

play school at my house - notice Jake had already snarfed down his cookie while nobody else had even touched theirs yet :)

Iron and his lady friends - Remi, Margo, Jake, Annabelle, and Burkli

Another zoo day with friends - this time my friend Alison took Brooklyn and Jake on the log ride they have.  They loved it, especially Jake!

happy girl was covered in every pillow, stuffed animal, burp cloth, and diaper we own by her older sister and didn't seem to mind

Jake started a sports class - 2 weeks of soccer, 2 weeks of baseball, and 2 weeks of basketball.  He is currently in the middle of it.  These pictures are from the first week.

 Remmy is busy!  But how can I get mad at that cute face?!

first swim of the year and Remmy loved it!  She just laid out in the pool and watched her siblings.

caught these two dancing one morning in their undies

For Valentines, John and I got pedicures :)  We both got a gift certificate for Christmas.  I was shocked when John told me he'd get one with me.  I think he liked it.  But when I asked him if he'd go again he said no, you can go with your friends next time.

We came home and dipped fruit, marshmallows, cinnamon bears, and pretzels in chocolate.  The kids were really excited and had fun.

The next day the kids and I drove to St George for the weekend.  My mom, sister, brother, and their families were staying at a condo to watch my niece's soccer tournaments.  We stayed with Marc and Betty and it was a great weekend. Betty made the kids these heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

hair for Vday

We watched soccer games, went swimming, ate out at Texas Roadhouse and Pizza Factory, and hung out at the condo.  My mom, Jeannette, my kids, and I also drove to Vegas Sunday for my cousin Emily's little boy Emel's baby blessing.  There was a ton of family we got to see and visit with.

Love her so much!  She can always make me happy with that cheesy smile.


  1. where did you get her cute leopard leggings and bow?!

  2. Those are all such great pictures, but makes me miss you guys so much! Your kids are so photogenic! Love you!

  3. And the Super Mom of the year goes to...Becky Mortensen!! Everything looks like an absolute blast. Can I be one of your kids?

  4. Lol Camille - I agree. Your kids are adorable Beck. PS I have been trying to get Tom to come to a pedicure with me for years and he won't budge. You are lucky.