Monday, December 14, 2015

randoms from the rest of our Utah/Idaho trip

Remmy is a girl that loves her Grandma's, both of them!  It took awhile for her to warm up to everyone else, but her Grandma's she would run to right away when she saw them.  I thought it was so sweet.

My mom was so cute with her - I think Remmy about drove her out of her own home - but also just loved on her a ton.  They have the cutest relationship.

Remmy never lets me cuddle or rock her, but she would let my mom.  My mom was singing to her here and did this for about 10 minutes.

We met my good friend Kandas and her boys at the Curiosity museum at Thanksgiving Point one afternoon.  Kandas and her husband are also 4th years, but moved to Utah for their last year.  Brooklyn and Jake hit it right off with Parker and it was fun to catch up with Kandas while the kids played.  After we went to Zupas for dinner, delish.

Hendrix, Brooklyn, Jake, Remmy, and Parker

Mike, Mandy, and the girls met us at Temple Square to look at the lights.  There was a Jazz game that night so it wasn't crowded at all, only freezing!  We don't own coats (the kids) so pajamas and jackets was what they wore and we bundled them up in blankets.  I love seeing the lights/nativity.  So glad we could do this while we were in Utah (Mesa Temple lights aren't quite the same).

John got to come home with us!!!  It has been so nice having him home and being back to our normal life.  We missed him a ton.  He had to drive his car home, so I still had all the kids in the van.  Thankfully they are all (usually) so good and used to long car drives.  I looked back once and saw why Jake was being so quiet for so long.  All the stickers from his sticker book on the window - whatever works!


  1. What is this curiosity museum it looks awesome! I will have to check it out in February. Glad your kids are getting some grandma and grandpa time!! Love lights on Temple Square.

  2. Your kiddos are sooooo cute!! Glad you had a good and safe trip back home. I'm sure you heard by now that you just missed all the snow.