Tuesday, September 29, 2015

the last of August

 found Jake sleeping like this one night - love that bum in the air

The kids and I drove to Utah a week before John had to be in Idaho for his rotation.  He was finishing up his first rotation here and also flew to North Carolina to take Step 2 boards.  Quick story about that - I got a picture from John with him wearing the oxygen mask on the airplane and it said emergency landing.  At first I thought it was a joke but saw all the other passengers wearing theirs too.  He didn't answer when I called, but thankfully called me back soon.  He said the plane suddenly lost pressure, the oxygen masks popped down, and they had to make a turn to the nearest airport and land - kinda scary.  They had to wait in the New Orleans airport for a few hours while they got a new plane.

Anyway, we stayed with the Bowen's the first couple days we were there.  My kids LOVE their cousins and I hardly saw Brooklyn and Jake.  I love how they just play, play, play.  We took them to Nickelmania on Saturday and they thought that was so cool.  Mike and Mandy came too and we went to Hire's after for dinner.

Brooklyn turning in her tickets

Jake and Sam

tired kids after church

Remmy's first pigtails

This girl is a hoot!  As much as she drives me crazy sometimes, I absolutely love her!

Hailey and Remmy

most afternoons looked like this - playing so hard

John gave Brooklyn and Jake a father's blessing before he left for Idaho and before they started preschool.  I didn't get a picture of Jake though.  

He even gave Remmy a quick one :)

It was a tearful goodbye - mostly for John and I.  He is doing a 3 month rotation in Idaho, living with his brother Joe and his family.  We are so grateful for them and letting John live there.  He loves the rotation and gets a home cooked meal every night by our gourmet chef Lisa.  He's not going to want to come home to my boring cooking!  We are one month in, two to go.  So far so good.  The weekdays go by fast because of the kids activities and preschool.  Sundays are the hardest - mostly church with Remmy.  But overall I can't complain!

Jake loves Jack and Jack is a good sport to wrestle and play with him.

Brooklyn idolizes Hannah.  She wants to be and do everything that Hannah does.  I love that these two are so close.

random messy picture of Remmy


  1. That is so scary about the oxygen masks coming down. I would panic ha ha! Great job Beck you are doing awesome- almost done with single parent life. Love the blessing pictures. So cute.

  2. Oh man, I would have been sobbing on the plane. Becky, you are amazing. I hate, hate hate when Mike works, it's so lonely, and that's just 2-3 days. It's HARD!

  3. And Remmy is hilarious :) I need to figure out a time we can have you guys come over, V would be in heaven.