Wednesday, September 16, 2015

St George weekend

The first weekend in August we went to St George to celebrate John's dad's birthday - he turned 70.  Marc didn't know we were coming and it was fun to surprise him when we got there.  All of John's siblings, spouses, and kids were there - it was a quick mini family reunion and really fun.  We weren't sure if we'd be able to go because of John's schedule, but we left Friday late afternoon, came home Sunday after church.  It was a quick trip, but definitely worth it!

First a few randoms..
I've had fun trying new hair-do's on Brooklyn and she loves it too.

my kids and Tayvri in the tub - I watched her while her parents went to the temple.

The grossest spider I ever saw!  And it was right outside my front door on the light.  My friend Alison was the one who discovered it.  I sent this picture to John and said you have something to kill when you get home!  When he came home for lunch it was still there (thankfully) and he killed it.  I got it on video.  It was so nasty.  It was a pregnant one and so much juice came out when John smashed it - still gives me the shakes thinking about it.

We got to St George late Friday night, around 10.  We stayed in a condo with Shari, Joe, and Heather's families.  My kids are always in heaven with all their cousins.  Saturday morning we went to the St George children's museum.  It was awesome AND free.

Brooklyn's new smile - eek!  Where do they learn these weird smiles from?  I always tell her, "No, pretty smile."  It doesn't always work.

After the museum we went to the Sand Dunes.  John's brothers rented 4-wheeler type things (I don't know what they're called), plus his dad owns one.  I stayed with the little kids at the lake while everyone else went riding.  My kids had so much fun and played for hours.  I forgot swimming suits because I didn't realize there was a lake.  So we striped them down to undies and a diaper and they didn't mind. 

cute cousins - Jake, Connor, and Brooklyn

Everyone came back a few hours later and then John took the kids and I on a ride.  We got stopped by a patrol woman at first who made us turn around and go get car seats - kind of lame - but eventually we got back out and had a fun ride!  Jake got to sit in front with his dad and Brooklyn and I in the back (Remmy stayed at the lake with family).


  1. Fun hairstyles! Brooklyn must have thick hair. Looks like a fun trip to St. George. That Children's Museum is awesome! We love it. Sand Dunes look fun - I am loving Remmy's blonde hair!