Wednesday, March 12, 2014

dance and Disney on Ice

I got a bike for Christmas and John got a bike trailer (nice how that worked out ;))  I have loved taking the kids on bike rides.  We try to go every Saturday morning as a family.  Brooklyn is learning how to rider her bike now too, which will be good so baby #3 will eventually have a spot. 

Brooklyn started 2 dance classes in January.  One of them was 6 weeks long at John's school for just $20 - can't beat that!  She was able to do it with some of her closest friends and loved it.  Every morning she'd ask me if she got to go to dance class that day. 

The 6 week one has ended but she is also in a dance/gymnastics class at a local gym.  The first 30 minutes of class are dance, either tap or ballet, and the last 30 minutes are gymnastics.  I think she likes the gymnastics part of it better, but I have loved watching her.  Jake and I sit outside the classroom and watch.  She often gives me a wave or thumbs up. 



This week at dance was princess week - meaning all the little girls came in a princess outfit.

I took Brooklyn on a mommy/daughter date to Disney on Ice in January.  We invited our friends along and everyone had a great time!  I'm excited to do this again next year.  (My other friend watched Jake for me which was SO nice not having to chase after him during the show)

Brooklyn, Lexi, and Reese

Lexi and Kayla

Reese and Mandy (and Jensen)

They all did so good and loved it.  I think they were in awe the whole time.  

Alison came too which was a huge help.


  1. Loving the bike and bike trailer. We LOVE going on ours. Its' fun to go together as a family. B is soooo cute in her little dance outfit. I bet she loved Disney on Ice. Sounds like a lot of fun stuff you have been up to!

  2. The dancing pics are ADORABLE lol...makes me want a girl!