Friday, March 21, 2014

Brooklyn - 3 years old

I wanted to document some things about Brooklyn right now at this age so I don't forget.  Read if you're interested :)

She is full of personality!  I don't know how John and I made such a social, outgoing girl.  She says hi to everyone, asks them their name, and then tells them her name.  She'll tell them random things that are on her mind or things that I've recently done to her - for example, at the park yesterday went right up to my visiting teacher and told her that I washed her mouth out with soap that morning (yup, I sure did!).

She is smart.  Sometimes I think I am too hard on her and forget that she is just 3.  She loves to talk non-stop all day, sing, and is at the stage now of asking me questions about whatever I'm doing.

She loves to help me cook dinner every night and no matter how long it takes, sits on the counter and "helps" the whole time. 

She is a great big sister.  I love that my kids are old enough now to play together (well mostly Brooklyn telling Jake what to do).  Jake loves Brooklyn and follows her around wherever she goes and tries to do whatever she is doing.  They definitely have their moments of teasing/fighting, but for the most part get along.  I also love that Brooklyn will stand up for Jake - the other day at the park I heard her tell another boy to be nice to her brother, as she had her arm around Jake.

She is so excited about her little sister.  I think she will be a big help to me with her siblings.  She will come up to my stomach a lot and "tickle" it and talk to her.  I'm so excited she is getting a sister.

She's a good mix of being a girly girl/tom boy.  She definitely loves chapstick, dressing up, going to dance, but also loves playing soccer, practicing dribbling, playing super hero's with the boys at preschool, etc.
She loves swimming, riding her bike, playing with friends, playing at the park or in our backyard, play doh, going to the kid care at the grocery store, dance/gymnastic class, "reading" books to Jake, music class, preschool, nursery, and taking care of her baby doll.   

Her birthday interview (that I hope to do every year on my kid's birthdays to see how their answers change over the years):

How old are you?  "3"

What's your favorite color?  "purple"

What's your favorite thing to eat?  "mac n' cheese and applesauce"

What's your favorite treat?  "starburst"

What's your favorite animal?  "cow"

What's your favorite book?  "Good Night, I Love You"

What's your favorite song?  "Child of God"

What's your favorite movie?  "Mulan"

Who's your best friend?  "Reese..and Hannah....and all the Bowen's"

What's your favorite thing to do?  "play with toys and play doh"

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "a mom...I don't want to be a dad"


  1. She is so cute! I love that she thinks she's 5, like Hannah. She is a smart little thing and will be such a great big sister to this new little baby. We sure love you Brooklyn!

  2. She is the cutest. So spunky. Vin really likes that book too.

  3. She is going to be the cutest sister to a girl. Loved reading everything about her - the interviews are the best. I love doing that with Charli.