Saturday, March 8, 2014

baby #3

On January 2nd we found out what baby #3 is.  John started school that day and couldn't get out of lab, so I took Brooklyn to the gender ultrasound with me.  All along I had no idea what this baby was, but that morning in the shower I just knew it was a girl and was getting so excited.  But I kept telling myself I couldn't be disappointed if it was a boy.

This is the picture I posted that morning on Instagram....girl or boy??

The ultrasound was really quick.  The tech put the scope on my belly and wow, SHE was spread open and I said, "It's a girl!"  Brooklyn was really excited and kept saying "a sister!!"

I called John right after and Brooklyn told him over the phone.  He was really excited and a little shocked too.  I posted this on Instagram after..

This pregnancy has been good...a few different things than my other two, but nothing to complain about.  My thyroid levels were really low when they first did blood work so I take a pill every morning for that and have blood drawn every month just to check the levels.

20 weeks

26 weeks

We still have no name for her!  I always thought of how fun it would be to name my children when I was growing up but I actually dread it now.  John and I do not agree on names and we put it off until the last minute.  Even without a name, we are SO excited to be having another girl and to be giving Brooklyn a sister.  She talks about her all the time and I think will be a great help to me after she's born.  I'm a little worried how Jake will do, but we will see when it comes.


  1. Glad you are coming along. The balloons were such a cute idea. I am sure she will be a darling little girl!

  2. Love all of these pictures. So fun to have another girl- you are lucky you have one of each so it is fun no matter what you get now! Brooklyn will be best friends with her. Excited to see what name you come up with!

  3. The picture of you at 26 weeks is what I look like at 12 weeks!! you look amazing!!! Totally miss you, next time you come to Utah we need to do a lunch with all the kiddos!! keep the updates coming!! And congrats!! Girls are the best, but now that I have 3 and they are all getting older, I think maybe all boys would've been better LOL

  4. WAHOO! Wait, did I know this??? How fun for Brooklyn! We also don't agree on any names...actually I have a ton I like and Dean has stuff :)