Tuesday, March 18, 2014

cowgirl party

I've decided every other year I will throw my kids a themed friends birthday party (at least that's what I hope to do).  I did a big one for each of Brooklyn and Jake's 1st birthday, so Brooklyn was due for another since she just turned 3.

I chose to do a cowgirl/cowboy party because Brooklyn has friends that are boys and girls and I thought that was a good "theme" for both of them.

 It was a lot of work, but I started planning early so it was enjoyable to do!  We had 16 three year olds running around our backyard..it was a little chaotic at times, but fun and worth it to see Brooklyn's excitement throughout the party.

My cousin Kelsi designed the birthday invite for me.  Brooklyn hand delivered them all and I attached a bandana for each kid, pink for the girls, blue for the boys.
I saw this idea of making each kid a stick horse as a party favor and wanted to do it.  I searched and searched on how to do it the cheapest way possible, especially if I was going to make 16!  Pool noodles it was!  I found these at Target.  I put 16 of them in my cart but when I got to checkout they rang up for $2.99 each.  There was no way I was going to pay that!  I thought the price tag below them said $.99 each.  I told the checker that and she said there was no way they were that cheap.  She called her manager and they ended up doing it for me!  I was so happy.  I think it helped that I had 16 of them in my cart :)

My friend Kara let me borrow a TON of cowboy stuff for the party.  Her husband is a big rodeo-er and had everything - I borrowed his saddle, hats, boots, ropes.  Nothing can beat FREE. 
This was the night before her party...she was so excited for it.

Her party was on a Saturday from 4-5:30. 

The set up:

We had kid friendly food at the party.  John grilled up some hot dogs, fish crackers "gold mine" crackers, rice krispie treats "haystacks", potato chip "horse chips", pretzels "straw", and my friend made cupcakes for it (the same amazing friend that did Jake's birthday cake and cupcakes). 

Most of the kids took a turn sitting on the saddle and getting their picture taken.








It was perfect to have the party in our backyard.  I just had parents drop off kids, but some ended up staying which was really helpful.  

cute Madison

Brooklyn was spoiled by her friends and got so many fun gifts.  Lucky girl!  I actually took and hid about 6 of them...she never noticed and I can give them to her another time :)

I think all the kids had fun.  They each got a cowboy/cowgirl hat, bandana, star sheriff badge, and stick horse to take home.  The stick horses were a hit!  I didn't plan any games to do because I'm not good at planning those, plus I figured they are 3 and wouldn't be too interested anyway. 

I loved planning this party and putting it all together...but was also a little glad when it was over too :) 


  1. Wow! Amazing party! I loved everything about it - so, so cute!

  2. I love this... you amaze me! I miss you! xoxo love you tons. Camilla

  3. You did such a great job on the party! Lexi loved it and is so lucky to have such a sweet friend like Brooklyn.

  4. Super cute ideas Beck. Looks like it all came together nicely. Brooklyn has a lot of friends!