Friday, March 18, 2016

February randoms

I've had fun experimenting with decorating sugar cookies lately.  I try to do every holiday.  For Valentines I decided to make a girls night out of it.  It was a LOT of work to make that many cookies and icing for myself and the 8 girls that came, but also a lot of fun.  This was my tray of cookies.

I let Brooklyn stay up and ice a few cookies and she thought that was the coolest thing ever.  I could tell she felt so grown up being with all the girls.

a fun new hairdo - my sis-in-law Mandy sent me the idea

My friend Allie came up from Gilbert to spend the day.  Brooklyn had fun practicing holding her cute new baby Wade.

a pro already

37 weeks

All the kids had dentist appointments.  This was Remmy's first time and she was not a fan!  (not surprised)  She opened her mouth though and let them check her...she squeezed my hand and cried the whole time.

all done and pretty happy about it

Oh Remmy!  She is busy and naughty and so cute too!  I love this age because they learn so much and their personality really starts coming out.  She cracks me up daily.   I found her like this in the bathroom.  She loves taking off her pants and diaper and is a climber.

swaying side to side :)

Jake loves Lego's right now (I love them too and love that he loves them).  He will sit for hours building different things.

almost 39 weeks

more Valentine sugar cookies I made

The week of Valentines we did a heart hairdo each day.  It was fun coming up with different things.  Brooklyn would ask me to take a picture so she could see what it looked like.

took Valentines to her preschool class

Brooklyn and Reese - Brooklyn is 6 months older than Reese and look how much shorter!

Jake took Valentines to his preschool class too

We went shopping at the Anthem outlets and played at the train park with friends.  This is Brooklyn and Lexi on the train.

My friend Janet told me about these mocs on ebay.  They were $4 each from China (free shipping!)  I won't say out loud how many pairs I ordered...but these were some of them.

At one of my last doctors appointments, my blood pressure was high and I had traces of protein in my urine.  They did a blood test and had me do a 24 hour urine catch.  Everything came back normal.  I sent this picture of the big orange jug to Jeannette because she's done this many times.

soccer practice for Jake

my last run pregnant (a few days before Kate was born).  I got several looks from strangers every time I I had to document. 

Field trip to the zoo with Brooklyn and Jake's preschool.  Remmy tagged along and had fun with her cute friends Archer and Holland.

The day I had Kate, we met friends at the Scottsdale train park in the morning.  I was having contractions, but nothing super consistent or close together.  Alison accidentally locked her little girl Tayvri in the car.  My mom got a hold of people who worked at the train park and had them call 911.  Thankfully it was a perfect day weather wise and she was only in the car for 20 minutes, not crying or upset.

The fire department came and got her out.

I'm glad my mom took this picture - last pregnancy picture.  Kate was born later that night.

Alison and Tayrvi after they got her out. 

Annabelle and Janet 

Jake and I on the train


  1. Okay, Mom of the Year! I don't know how you make those cookies, amazing! I'm taking V to the dentist next week for the first time. I locked V in once too and the Fire Dept. had to come, embarrassing. You have tons of friends, I have like 2, haha.

  2. Mom of the year with cookies and cute hairdos! I miss having friends haha. Its nice when you are still in school and people are in your same situation. I am like Camille and have about 2 friends. Remmy's bum haha