Thursday, March 3, 2016

January randoms

Swimming, in January, yes!  My friend's apartment pool is heated so we went with them on a Saturday.  It actually felt pretty warm, as long as we stayed in the sun.  Brooklyn and Jake loved it and had been missing swimming so much.  Remmy on the other hand...stayed out of the pool 100% of the time :)  She was happy eating snacks on the side and watching.  She is in for a treat with swimming lessons (survival kind) that we are doing in April.

happy with her snacks 

Jake started primary and is now a Sunbeam.  I cannot believe he is old enough to be in primary.  He was really excited about joining the big kids and kept saying he was "Mr. Sunbeam".

Without fail, this is Jake EVERY day after preschool.  He always falls asleep on the drive home.  Glad he is working so hard it wears him out.

I made my friend Allie this quilt and she text me a picture of it in the crib.  So cute I think!

random park picture 

One tradition I have started and want to do with my kids is a holiday pillowcase for each of them.  They have Christmas blankets and I thought this was a fun idea (that I stole from my friend) to get them excited for the next holiday.  This is a St. Patty's day one I recently made. 

mermaid tails I made for each guest at Brooklyn's birthday party 

 tired boys

Jake sprained his ankle.  He was jumping out of the van at the grocery store and didn't quite make it over the curb.  I felt bad because he asked me for help before he jumped out and I said no, you can do it.  Oops!  He started crying and when I helped stand him up he immediately collapsed again and couldn't walk on it.  He wouldn't put any weigh on it for the rest of the day and was uncomfortable.  I finally decided to take him to urgent care, just to double check that everything was fine.

Cute story - when they took him back for an X-ray I had to wait outside because I was pregnant.  I told Jake they were going to take a picture of his ankle.  The tech told me when she brought him back that he asked if he could smile for the picture, then said, "CHEEEEESE".  I thought that was so cute.

Brooklyn loved holding my friend Allie's new baby Wade 

some cute fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby that I've made burp cloths and baprons out of 

some new bows for Remmy and Kate 

another sleeping picture... 


This never happens so I had to take a picture.  I love that both our big bellies are sticking out.

More pool time - this time with friends.  This is a picture of the younger kids.  Tayvri, Remmy, and Holland.  Notice Remmy actually has her feet in the pool this time, improvement.

The older kids - Brooklyn, Burkli, Annabelle, and Jake 

eating their lunch 

Jake started soccer.  It is every Saturday at 9 am on campus housing.  A really nice dad put this together last year (Brooklyn did it) for 3-4 year olds.  It's FREE.  He is the coach and the other dads help.  They do drills, play games, and scrimmage at the end.

Jake was shy at first, but has really warmed up and gotten better each week.  And definitely loves the snack at the end :)

We went to Vinnie's Buzz Lightyear birthday party.  Camille made it really cute and Remmy and Jake had fun  (Brooklyn didn't come because she was at a friend's birthday party).  I loved that I got to see Aunt Pat and Em too.  Remmy was loving her cupcake.


  1. Everything you make is so cute, love the pillowcases. Poor Jake and his ankle!!

  2. Oh beck you are so talented. How do you do it all? I love all of the cute things you make. Looks like you have been busy. The kids are getting big and cute.