Friday, March 4, 2016

Disney on Ice - Frozen

I thought it would be fun to surprise Brooklyn and take her to Disney on Ice - Frozen (it was part of her birthday present too).  I send a group text out to friends and asked if anyone wanted to join me.  My friend Kayla wanted to with her little girl Lexi, Brooklyn's good friend, and Alison.  We didn't tell the little girls what we were doing until we got there, just that it was a special date with Mom.

We stopped at Five Guys for dinner before the show.  They were giggly and excited during dinner because they still didn't know what we were doing.

the face of pure excitement now that she knows what the surprise was! 

I love my girl - it was so fun to have one-on-one time with her and treat her to something that was just for her.  She deserves it. She is a great big sister and my biggest helper.  I'm so thankful she came to our family first. 

Disney (of course) did a great job and we all loved it. 

I never do this, but was a sucker this time and bought her a $12 snow cone!  Yikes!!  $12 for a cup full of ice?!!  Yeah, definitely won't be sucked into that again for awhile!

They fell asleep within 5 minutes on the car ride home, exhausted. 


  1. I'll have to brave this activity one day. I'll be the biggest cheap skate ever. That was nice of you to take her!

  2. So fun! I have never been to one of these before but I think the girls would love it. Love that you are giving one on one time. So nice for the kids.