Wednesday, March 9, 2016

mermaid birthday party

Brooklyn got a friend party this year since it was an odd birthday and picked a mermaid theme.  I was excited to do this party because I had seen a cute tutorial on mermaid tails on Pinterest that I wanted to try.

I kept it pretty simple.  With a baby coming, Christmas not that long ago, John studying for boards, it was perfect to do it in my backyard and keep it smaller.  Brooklyn only wanted to invite girls (we did invite one boy who is a good friend, but he couldn't make it because of school) and requested that they paint treasure boxes.

8 girls total, including Brooklyn - I set their lunch table up outside 

Their lunch was kid friendly - starfish sandwiches (pb&j), fish crackers, pirate booty, seaweed grapes, oyster cookies, and cupcakes from Walmart for dessert.

Tayvri and Remmy (and Jake) were good sports and stayed on the sidelines for everything.  (Notice Remmy's shoes - that girl tries on a million pairs of shoes a day)

the birthday girl

When the girls arrived for the party they each got to pick out a mermaid tail I had made.  I thought they turned out so cute and were pretty easy to make too.  Brooklyn was thrilled with them which is all that really matters.  They got to take them home as their party favor.

Margo, Ella, Lexi, Annabelle, Burkli, Brooklyn, Reese, and Livvi

...and a silly picture.

After the girls ate lunch they played for a bit and then painted these treasure boxes that I found at Walmart for $1.  They loved the painting most.

(Remmy in the background - sad she doesn't get to do one)

Next we went inside and Brooklyn opened presents.  All her friends were so generous and she loved what she got.

After the presents were all open we had cupcakes and then the girls played until parents came to pick up.  I think it was a successful party!


  1. Beck this is the cutest idea - mainly because Charli is really into mermaids right now. I would never think to do that. Loved all of the ideas! Poor Remmy. It is hard to be the little sis.

  2. Everything looks SO awesome!! Those tails were amazing. All the food looks really cool! Brooklyn is the cutest.