Monday, February 29, 2016


Christmas morning is the best, especially with kids!  They did good and slept in until 7.  We gathered on John and I's bed, said prayers, then John turned the Christmas tree lights on.  I love how you can see their excitement in these pictures....SO excited.  We kept tradition and lined up youngest to oldest (although Remmy got passed up quickly by B and J) and ran in to see what Santa had left us.

Jake got a train table from Santa.  He loved it and has had fun building it different ways.  The only problem with it is that he has a little sister that likes to tear down his work, which he gets super frustrated about.

going through their stockings

some pictures are blurry because kids wouldn't hold still :)

Remmy was just happy to unwrap things.  She kept "ooing" and "ahhing" and opened half of John's stocking for him.  She got a shopping cart and that vacuum from Santa.  They are from Pottery Barn and both super cute.

Brooklyn's present from Santa this year was an art easel.  It came with all the supplies - paper, paint, paintbrushes, chalk, dry erase markers.  She loved it and got to work right away making different art projects.  The only problem with her gift too though, is that she has a little sister.  She usually only plays with it during nap time :)

Remmy was really excited that Santa didn't eat all the cookies we left out for him and finished them for him.  She also dropped the cookie plate 5 minutes later and broke it.

John made our traditional eggs benedict (his family's tradition growing up that we've made our own now) and they were delicious!  We hung out all day in our pajamas as a family, playing with our new toys.  A few friends came over later for dinner and games.  It was a great day!


  1. Looks like a perfect Christmas! Kids look happy. Sounds like something Avery would do... break the plate. Such a naughty age haha.

  2. Remmy cracks me up! She is such a little foodie. Your Christmas looks like a lot of fun! Love all the cool stuff they got, the train table is awesome.