Friday, February 19, 2016

December randoms [part two]

I helped Brooklyn and Jake make blessing bags in preschool.  They were bags full with a water bottle, wash cloth, oatmeal, applesauce, socks, gum, etc. to give to homeless people we saw.  Right after we did them, we saw our first guy on the way home.  Jake was so excited to hand it to him and said excitedly "Merry Christmas guy!"  It was a proud mom moment.

Remmy loves being outside and loves the swings.  I love her!  She is happy, crazy, and so full of personality.

showing off her tricks on the bar

Brooklyn's turn to hand out a blessing bag.  I felt bad with this one actually.  She thought the guy had it but he didn't and so it dropped.  He was in a wheelchair and had a hard time picking it up.  Sorry sir!

Jake and Remmy have fun (mostly) in the mornings together when Brooklyn is at preschool. They love playing outside, doing puzzles, and playing dress up.

Jake has gotten SO much better at his balance bike.  We gave it to him for his birthday last year and for such a long time he was so bad (that was probably my fault because I never took him out to practice in the 110+ weather).  But after a little practice he is getting so good and I'll even let him ride it all the way to the park because he can make it without me having to carry the bike.

Remmy and Tayvri splashing in the puddles on the basketball court at the park.

We did our gingerbread house on December 23rd.  My friend Kandas gave me this gingerbread house and I love it.  It is her family's tradition, but it's made out of plywood.  You make the icing, buy the candy, and decorate.  And the best part is when you're done with it, you soak it in hot water and all the icing and candy falls off.  Then it is all ready to go for next year.  I want to make family members one for Christmas this year.

Brooklyn and Jake were really in to it.  They each did a side.  Remmy was interested in just eating the candy.

Brooklyn's side.

Jake's side.

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  1. I love the blessing bag idea! So sweet. How did Remmy become so blonde!! Fun to see what you guys are up to.