Sunday, September 30, 2012

September pictures


Here are pictures of things we did in September...

splash pad - We went here a lot with friends, especially at the beginning of the month when it was still so hot every day.  Brooklyn loved running through the water, playing with other kids toys, and mostly eating other kids snacks.  (She is BAD at this!  She thinks if anyone else is eating ANYTHING she is entitled to it and begs for it.  I am trying to fix this).

She is really in to the "Little Mermaid" right now (I'm really in to it too right now because it's the only video she'll watch that's longer than 30 minutes).  She loves Ariel and will sing like her if you ask her to.  I bought her a little mermaid that I found at the dollar store and she loves it.  On this particular day at the splash pad she carried everywhere with her. 

shootin' some hoops at Dad's school - One night for FHE we played basketball in the gym at the school.  It was really fun (mostly for me because I always KILL John in Pig or 1-on-1 and he is a great sport about it :)) and Brooklyn loved running around.  She found this blue headband before we left and wore it the whole time.  

lunches/dinners with Dad - Brooklyn loves going to school to eat with her Daddy (and John loves it too to break up his day).  We always try and eat one meal together during the on days that John stays at the school all day to study, we go to him.  We usually drive because it is still too hot to drive, but once the weather cools off it will be fun to just walk over.


play dates - We LOVE play dates.  It is so nice for both the kids and I to get out of the house (or have friends over) to play. 
Here Brooklyn is with her friend Kelsi...

Jake is always just an observer and content at watching all the action.

And her friend Parker...

once again, just a happy observer.

 playing at the park - It is finally getting nice enough (well only some days) to play at the park.  We have a park really close to our apartment complex which is nice.  I want to find more fun parks to play at once the weather isn't in the 90's/100's. 

Cabela's - when it's too hot outside to go to the zoo to see the animals, what do you do?  Go to Cabela's and look at the fake animals instead!  This actually was fun...we met our friends there and Brooklyn loved seeing the animals, especially the fish and huge elephant.  It was an extra bonus to be inside in an air-conditioned place :)

Brooklyn and her buddy Parker

Lexi, Parker, Brooklyn, and Reese

 look at those biceps...she is strong.

That's all our random pictures from time will be October.


  1. I love her swimming suit and Jake's little dimples!! Ahhh! I just want to squeeze them!!

  2. Look at those guns!! Glad you guys are doing lots of fun stuff! We need to plan our October dinner here soon.

  3. I love seeing all that she is up to Beck! She is so busy and grown up. Love her turquoise crocs and her cute hair. I can't wait for Charli to have hair. Kelsi looks just like Kyle! That is so fun she has little play date friends now. Finger paint is a great idea. I need to try that sometime. I love her strong arms.

  4. Her friend Kelsi? That's cute:) Cabelas is a GREAT idea!!! So glad you can have lunch with your hubby. I'm sure it's hard to have him gone so much. I love that she eats other peoples snacks. She's SO CUTE!

  5. Oh... that picture of Jake in the middle smiling- toooooooo cute! I am so impressed with all that you do to make life so fun for your kids. You are such a good mom! xoxo