Tuesday, September 25, 2012

all about Brooklyn

Oh Brooklyn...I don't even know where to start about this girl :)  As I've mentioned before, my brother Mike call her 'fidget' and occasionally it's just 'fidge'.  I don't know why that makes me laugh so much, but it's so true and so HER. 

I finally took her to her 18 month check-up yesterday (even though she is now 20 months) and wanted to write down a few things about her so I won't forget.  Her stats were...(going off the 18 month charts)...
weight: 26 lbs (84%)
height: 64%

She is a great big sis.  I've never had to worry about leaving her alone with Jake or never worried that she will hurt him.  When he was first born it was because she could care less about him, but now she is always concerned about him and wants to be by him all the time.  Sometimes if I'm in the other room and he starts crying, I'll ask her to go check on him and she does....then comes back and says "all better" (he usually is still crying though).  Recently I've caught her trying to feed him a grape and a fruit loop and she said..."Jake hungee (hungry)?"  So I tried to explain that he only drinks milk :) 
She always has to be by him...here I was just trying to get a picture of him and she insisted on being next to him.

 Look at that scowl on Jake's face!

 Jake loves her too - he just stares at her like this all the time.

 watching baby Einstein together

She is my big helper and shadow.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing...she is trying to do it too - sweep, mop, vacuum, feed Jake, dishes, make dinner, doing my hair, folding laundry, etc. 

She always has to be 'in' on the action.  Here I was trying to take a picture of John and Jake and she wasn't about to be left out of them.

The minute she sees/hears me start to set the table for dinner...she is up on a chair waiting for food to be put down.  Here she is having a big piece of bread for a snack before we sat down to eat.

She has always loved bath time...and still does.  She would play in there for hours if I'd let her...and sometimes I start her bath an hour early just so she can.  She sings, plays, and chats to herself...and I usually sit and watch and play with Jake on the ground.  

 I love her swimsuit tan lines.

what a cute bum.

Once again, up on a chair eating dinner before it was actually dinner time.  I had gone into the other room to get Jake and came back and found her like this...eating our nutella stuffed french toast...she is quick!

She is naughty!  She knows too that she is being naughty because when I catch her doing something she's not supposed to, she shakes her finger and says "no Brookin no!"

colored on the toilet seat

I lifted up the toilet seat one day to use the bathroom and found this.

She loves to color, play with play dough, paint, rip paper...all that good stuff.  One day I made finger paint (found the idea on Pinterest) and she LOVED it.  And I loved it because it kept her entertained for so long.   

And finally...these pictures just make me smile.  Brooklyn has now been in her toddler bed for about a month and has done great.  99% of the time though, at night, we find her like this...fallen asleep on the ground by her door.  It seriously is almost EVERY night.  She is definitely her dad's girl and apparently doesn't mind sleeping on the floor.  
 I love her little hand under the door.


  1. Beck she is so funny!! What a cute girl and such a nice older sister. I love her tan line and her pretty tan skin. That is SO sad about her sleeping by the door. That is so funny she put her stuffed animal in the toilet. She is growing up way to fast. I want to hear her cute voice now that she says two words at a time.

  2. She is so cute! I love that she just loves life! So excited for anything fun and new! We can't wait to see you guys soon!

  3. She is so funny! She really does love being involved with everything. She's such a sweetheart and I can't wait to see how she's changed since you moved. I hope she remembers me!

  4. I seriously love her. Mike and I were JUST talking about her, how she is so cute and funny. We love her dirty looks and how when you ask her something she shakes her head and loves saying 'No.' LIke when I said "should we take my necklace off?' "Noooo." That scowl of Jakes is HILAR.

  5. LOVE THIS!! I was laughing so hard at the toilet pictures! I love her little fingers under her door, so sweet!! She is sooo pretty and, hello, that hair!! It's just decided to grow, grow, grow! :)

  6. Oh the naughtiness....It really is funny when you look back, but at the time it's so not funny. She is adorable and growing up way too fast. I love her swimming suit line, and her trying to get in the pics with dad and brother

  7. I also love that she says no no to herself:)

  8. Aww she is so fun! We miss you guys! Can't wait until we can have a playdate next time you are in utah!