Tuesday, October 2, 2012

29 years old

John's birthday was on the 27th of September.
He is 1 year away from 30.
He We are getting old!

John was gone all day at school/studying on his birthday and I had a really busy day too.  He wanted wings for his birthday dinner...so we picked some up from Buffalo Wild Wings...and later had cake and ice cream.  Poor guy...didn't have one present to open (yup, I'm a terrible wife!).  But he did just get a new bike last week so he can now ride to school and we went to a Diamond Backs game on Saturday (the one thing he said he wanted for his birthday).  And he also bought himself some new swimming goggles too.  So I would say he still had a great birthday.

Jake was already asleep when we did cake and ice cream, but Brooklyn loved watching her daddy blow out his candles. 

My friend watched Brooklyn for us while we went to the game.  Jake was a GEM and it almost felt like it was just the two of us because he just sat in my lap the whole game and looked around.  It was such a treat not to have to chase a toddler around and we had such a fun time. 

Chase Field was awesome.  I didn't realize it has a re-tractable roof...it felt like we were sitting in an air-conditioned building watching a baseball game.  It eventually was opened when it was dark outside and had cooled off a little. 

 the roof

 the stadium even has a swimming pool!

 This was Jake's face most of the game...just happy to be alone with Mom and Dad.


  1. Happy Birthday to John! Sounds like he got some nice stuff. That stadium looks awesome! I would love to go to a game there next time we come to PHX. I can't believe it has a swimming pool lol. Love that last pic of you and Jake. So cute. He is changing so fast. It looks like summer still.

  2. Oh John!!! We really had a silent moment in honor of John's birthday! Looks & Sounds like you're an AWESOME wife cause that birthday ROCKED!! I love to see you guys looking so happy in your new "home." Thanks for the fun pics--you and John look GREAT and those adorable kidlets are growing and changing so fast. Love and miss you guys!

  3. Fun guys! I will never forget John's bday now since it's the day of our anni. Love B's face in the cake pictures, so excited. Glad you got to go to a game, those are really fun! Jake looks adorable and YOU. Um, you look amazing, 3 months 'postpartum.' I despise that word!

  4. Looks like a fun birthday. It's nice that you didn't have to chase Brooklyn around--I know the feeling. Sometimes just one less kid is a break!
    The stadium looks awesome too and Happy Birthday to John!

  5. What a fun stadium! So glad you got to do something fun for his birthday!!!

  6. That little boy of yours is so cute and growing up so fast!

  7. if you're getting old, then what does that make me? LOL I'm glad you guys got to get out and enjoy a game!