Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jake - 4 months old

Weight: 18 lbs 13 oz (96%)
Height: (57%)
Head: (90%)

Yup, you read those stats right!
Jake is a BIG boy :)

LoL - seeing these stats just makes me laugh...I LOVE my chunky, happy boy!!

 How can that face not make you smile?!!

 This was his outfit a few Sunday's ago...he looks like a farmer to me.  It is size 6 months - and you can see that it wasn't big on him by any means.  I think it will be the only time he'll wear it.

And 4 random things about Jake, just because:
 -  when I am feeding him he pulls off all the time and has the biggest smile/grin and just stares at me.  I LOVE it.  I talk to him and he coo's back at me for awhile...and then helps himself back to more milk.  He does this about 5 times on each side, per feeding (sometimes it does get old).  
 - wakes up so happy.  I love having him right next to me (in the pack n' play) by my bed.  I wake up every morning to him chattin' it up to himself and staring at his hands.  As soon as I peak my head over he gives me the biggest smile and waits patiently to be fed.
 - has WAY too many blow-outs...at least 3 a day.  I know I should just buy the next size up diapers...but I'm trying to use all the size 3 now that I have.  And yes...that would mean he'd be in a size 4 diaper, same size as his sister!!  
 -rolls over now and is grabbing for toys.  I love this stage, when they start to interact more and can play on the floor with a toy for awhile and stay entertained.  A lot of times his sister comes and takes his toy, but he then just contently watches her play with it.


  1. Ah! Such a cute boy!! I just want to squeeze him!! I can not believe how big he is! I love it!

  2. he is SO cute!!!! i love his smile. he weighs a pound more than ray!! ha ha

  3. HOW CUTE!!! I love big babies. They are the BEST. You got the cream in the milk feeding that boy. I love his big grin and how happy he is. Give him a kiss for me.

  4. He is so cute becky! Ella is a little chubster too. I love it!!!! Ella does the pull off and smile thing too... in the morning it takes twice as long to feed her because she just wants to smile and chat to me. haha. Such a cute stage!

  5. He is way cute Becky! He ways more than my 10month old lol;)

  6. Oh man, I cannot wait to see him! He weighs almost as much as Lucy! Love chubby babies...hope to have one of my own someday!

  7. so cute!!!!!!!!! i wish i could squeeze his chunkiness! adorable, sweet boy! xoxo

  8. Ah Beck, such a good boy!! I love his little outfit he is wearing!

  9. Love his outfit, and can't believe how big he is. He is SO CUTE! Kolton is a big boy too....I think he'll be 13 lbs at his 2 month.

  10. Chunky Monkey! He is so stinkin' cute! Love his smile. He has a real engaging smile that just forces you to smile back.